Saturday, December 05, 2009

The First Holiday Rant of 2009...

If everyone is behaving themselves and practicing courtesy and kindness, holiday shopping (not to mention everyday shopping) can be a little challenging, but not unbearable. However, I have just gotten home from a four hour pushing and shoving match that has led me to the first of my holiday rants, and it brings me to the conclusion that some of you may need to be smacked...

If you are a repeat offender in any/all of the following categories, please present yourself for the aforementioned holiday smack:

  1. If it NEVER crosses your lips in shopping lines or other congested situations to say, "After you, ma'am/sir", you need to be smacked.

  2. If you NEVER give up your seat or your place in line so that someone standing right behind you who is injured or physically handicapped can be helped sooner, and then complain about how long you have been in line, you need to be smacked.

  3. If you are a pushy/impatient driver who uses your horn like a weapon while driving or in parking lots without even considering that a lot of people are out and about, and that only your schedule matters, you need to be smacked.

  4. If you bring a child/children to a store/restaurant/any public location and allow them to scream, run, whine, and annoy people for the entire time you are shopping instead of going home, you need to be smacked. No excuses here - my sister has THREE kids, and she has left many places because her children were not behaving. NO ONE loves your children as much as you and your family do. Do NOT inflict these little angels on the general population. If you have a publically ill-behaved child/children and you cannot afford a sitter, you cannot afford to be away from home. Stay home until they can behave or until you can afford the aforementioned sitter. Otherwise, you, AND possibly your child/children, need to be smacked.

  5. If you throw trash OF ANY KIND on the ground in parking lots, sidewalks, or roads, someone has to pick that up. Be an adult, PICK THAT UP; otherwise, you need to be smacked, and then forced to pick the item up.

In the spirit of the season, I will set aside some time for volunteering purposes. I will be happy to serve as the Smack Commisioner in my area.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bigger Than a Bread Box...

My new toy is bigger than a bread box. In fact, it might be bigger than eight bread boxes.

I used to keep my yarn stash in two Sterilite multi-drawer bins stacked in tower fashion in a closet, but since the move that monstrosity had to be out in full view of the downstairs living room. While the bins were functional, they were also a little slim on the pretty.

Hubby and I had seen a wood and glass cabinet at World's Market that we thought might work, but I kept protesting that I did not want to spend the money. Then, luckily enough, it went on sale and I got to use one of the Entertainment book coupons as well for a grand total of $150 off the total amount.

My entire stash fits in the cabinet with room to spare! While I was putting my fiber away, possibly a mistake to do this in front of hubby, he mentioned that the collection behind glass looks like a "little tiny yarn store." Mike collects movies, so he understands the concept as it relates to collections that I may have more than I need, but less than I want...

Now keep in mind that my photography skills are lacking, but here is a pic of what hubby has loving termed "the yarn vault".

Both of the glass doors slide open, and there is a shelf below that holds me entire knitting library, such as it is. The "vault" also lives upstairs instead of downstairs for better access to light.

I am still in the process of moving things around, so the errant cords you see around the vault will not be there for long. However, Mike attached the cabinet to the wall so it would not topple over, and this is where it will stay permanently.

I did finish the Alan Dart bat in time for Halloween, although just barely, and here is a better late than never picture of Prince Vladamir.

I am working on the Drifted Pearls scarf which is too involved to be called just a scarf, but it is really going to be beautiful when finished. Have I mentioned that there are four types of cables, baubles, and applied I-cord??? I am using the Rowan Lima, and it is wonderful to knit with. I had read that it was splitty, but it really isn't even with blunt-tipped needles. To me, splitty just means you have to pay attention, and then it's fine. The Lima is a chainette yarn, which I have never worked with before, but even with the Russian join it did fine.

Off to knit!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Mitten Smitten? Uh, no.

I have finished both pairs of Peekaboo Mittens. They were both knit in Encore worsted weight by Plymouth. They came out as per the pattern, but they just really lack any pizazz.

This project will not likely start the beginning of a mitten knittin' craze. Admittedly, they do not take long and the pattern is not tough, but they just don't do much for me. Paired with the Twisted Vine Scarves in the matching color the mittens will make a nice gift, but this pattern will not be one that I plan to repeat.

Maybe I will like the mittens better tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am THE Grinch today. I am agitated with everything and everyone. In fact, I could hunt bear with a switch. Let's hope that tomorrow is a better day...
p.s. Notice the "embiggen" feature now works with my pics.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Great Scarf Project of 2009 is Complete!

As my previous posts have told you, I had taken on a mammoth project of knitting ten scarves, or more precisely ten Twisted Vine Neck Warmers for some friends and the ladies in my office for Christmas gifts. All of the scarves were knit with Plymouth Encore as not all of the gift recipients are fiber folks, and I feared what they might do to them in my absence...

I made two in ivory, which I did not think I would like at all because I thought they would be boring to knit, as well as to wear; however, I stand corrected, and boredom gave way to simplicity which really accented the details of the lace and cables.

Here is the group of ten, yep TEN, in all their multicolored glory.

In truth, I would really like one for myself, but not today.

I am now working on some (don't ask my how many) bookmarks, and I hope to be finished with them by mid-week. According to my knitting progress calendar, I am supposed to knit two pairs of mittens, and then Christmas will be done. Also, I am going to try to incorporate the same large center cable that is in the neck warmers into the mittens.

I will admit, a certain vampire bat has capured my attention as of late...

However, a certain sweater (Scoop Neck Cardigan) is shouting, "ME NEXT, ME NEXT!"

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Still Plugging Away

Secret Christmas projects are still underway and coming along nicely.

Hubby saw the stack and asked if I needed a tax number to open a shop.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

It's Not That I'm Not Knitting...

I have steadily been working on Christmas, as well as other gifts, and there is nothing postable at this time because the intended gift targets may look at my blog now and again.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Here Comes the Stole, All Knit in White...

The following is the wedding song for the Scotch Thistle Lace Stole that I knit with the Lanett by Sandnes Garn.
Here comes the stole,
All knit in white,
Sweetly, serenely in soft glowing light.
Lovely to see, this was knit by me
Sweet little stitches for all eternity.

New knitting rule: Whoever knits the
bridal stole gets to pick the
music for the ceremony!

I was worried that the fingering weight might make the stole a bit too heavy, but in looking at the pics I think it came out just fine. The Lanett is a very soft, washable wool that comes in wide variety of color choices, and lent itself well to lace. I would not hesitate to make another lace project with it. In fact, there may be a little Lanett in my stash right now just waiting its turn in the gift queue...

You can see the thistle leaves and buds in this pic, and the color went well with her dress.

Congratulations to Mellissa and Mike. I wish you much happiness. Be good to each other, and that stole!

I am still plugging away on the Twinings Lace stole for DMS, and I have only had to lay on the floor and kick my legs once in the past week.

I may have to work on a something a little less intense than lace, yes concurrently, and that might be the Twisted Vine Neck Warmer as it appears to be short and sweet. I have not decided on a fiber for this yet, but I am considering the Malabrigo worsted.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

We Have A Graduate And A Mouse!!!

Thanks to everyone for the gifts, cards, and phone calls when Mike graduated from hair school this week. Mike was really touched and pleased that you guys thought of him. Also, thank you to everyone who let Mike do their hair while he was in school, and especially the Great Enabler who went above and beyond and allowed herself to be a model at his new shop, as well as one of his school clients.

Here is the proud graduate with diploma and congratulatory balloon.

This was one tough year, and Mike and both appreciate everything you guys did. Once again, thank you from us both.

On the knitting front, I have finished the Scotch Thistle Lace Stole, and it will be blocking today, and photos will follow. In a break from lace, I knit a toy from one Debi Birkin's patterns, and it is Margot the Mouse Ballerina. I made her from stash yarns, and they were likely Encore or Vanna's Choice, but unsure.

Margot is very cute, and I will bring her to knitting on Wednesday evening.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Meet Willa and Floyd

Here are Willa and Floyd. As you might have guessed, Willa is a country witch, so she prefers to be on a first name basis only. She is currently looking for a good used broom with not too many miles on it, but realizes she may have to wait until fall to find a good deal.

Willa has curly hair that was baked on dowel rods. I realized after I started sewing on and trimming her curls that I must be a bit of a masochist in that I took an Alan Dart pattern and voluntarily made it HARDER!!!

I am still contemplating whether to knit her a very loose knit shawl, maybe like on size #17 needles so it looks kind old and tattered. or maybe a neck scarf as I am not crazy about the place where the neck joins the top of her blouse.

This was knit entirely from Plymouth Encore. Her bloomers are a deep red instead of white, and the rest is pretty much in traditional Halloween colorway. If I made another one, which I doubt, I would make her in rusts and mossy greens with some brown so that she could be a kitchen witch.

Unfortunately, pictures do not do her justice. She refused to sit still and behave.

Also, I gave her some bangs with the curls I trimmed off to soften her face a little bit. Floyd is a typical cat, and will look anywhere but at the camera when it is time for a picture.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Knitting from the Heart...

Short post, one pic, lots of caring from two needles and some yarn. Five years ago this October, my dad passed away, and someone gave me a very nice bookmark at the funeral in a card. At the time, it seemed like a nice gift, but nothing really more than a kind thought.

Since my dad died, I have used that bookmark many times, and I have found particular comfort when I use it because for some strange reason it reminds me of the way I want to remember my dad. I can't explain it, and it is probably just the wierdness of me, but now everytime I have a friend who experiences the loss of a loved one, I give them a bookmark inside of a card.

There are two projects in this photo. The tiny project on the left is a pair of hearts knit for someone I do not know well, but her mother just passed away, and a group of knitters are sending a box of knitted hearts in different colors to let her know that her friends are thinking of her.

The long red strip is one of my infamous book marks. My friend should probably take up reading reference volumes as this one came out a little on the large side with blocking. Woops...

From hands to yarn, from finish to start, a gift from the hands is a gift from the heart.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Loopy Loot!!!

We came, we saw, we kicked some... Who am I kidding? We hid in our room a lot because the loud girls scared us. Also, there were not enough tables and chairs, and I was silly enough to bring a complex pattern that needed a table and concentration.

However, the Loopy giftbag was very nice. We also got to go to Loopy Central, and I was so overwhelmed that I could not shop. I wish now that I had bought several things that I looked at, but I was just too unnerved to push through to the other side. I brought $200 for yarn purchases, and only spent $20.08 because of the mass hysteria. I could not even think about what I wanted because I felt too crowded, pushed, and shoved. The only thing I bought was something that could not be shipped, and it is a sock peacock. There are six wooden holders for mini socks on the handmade wooden peacock. It is pretty cool when you see it all socked up!

I did not take any pictures at the fling as I was too agitated because of the constant hysteria and not enough chairs and tables. Mom has read the TLE blog and there apparently will be a quiet room for knitting/spinning next year, and that is VERY appealing to me. I will have to take time to read it myself.

Mom and I did have a nice time together, and even with all of the craziness I would still go back with her if she wanted to go next year.

Now, for the loot:

At the top, the oblong gray tube is a Namaste bag that opens from both ends with an exterior zippered pouch with an adjustable strap. From left to right, just below the bag there are two Loopy Ewe temporary tattoos, my Loopy Ewe ID tag/zippered bag, TLE pin, TLE Spring Fling mug in a color that matches the bag, the wooden sock peacock.

On the next row, the Schaefer (Nichole) yarn that came in the bag, Highland Fling Socks pattern, and the Nicholetta sock pattern by Laura Nelkin. Also, I also got a sort of short-lived or possibly disposable red Loopy shopping bag that is somewhere between a dental bib and go green sort of material.

I met someone whose Ravelry name is "PlazaJen", and she is a sweetheart! She also teaches classes at The Studio. I met probably a dozen other nice girls, but unfortunately I do not remember their names or where they live.

In my next post, I will show pics of the Boudelaire socks. I did not get a chance to meet Cookie in person, but I saw her several times. I did not realize until I got there that she was the author of that pattern.

Anne Hanson is a lovely person, and a very kind teacher. I would gladly take a class with her again if it were offered, but next time I would take a much more advanced class.

Oh yea, Mom also bough me a red Loopy Ewe hooded sweatshirt.

Willa and Floyd are nearing the finish line as well. Their pics will come later.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Victims of Knitting...

I have often photographed and posted pictures of my finished knitted items, although a few do sneak under the wire, but not often do I post my intended targets of said knits.

The Irish Hiking Scarf. This was made for a friend of mine (Mike) who lives in Columbia. I also made a scarf for his girlfriend (Kathy), but she prefers not be photographed. He really isn't a sour puss, but I will admit he looks like he has a date with the hangman in this pic...

The Lucy Bag. This was made for a friend's granddaughter who is 12-years-old. She sent me the kindest thank you note telling me that she loved the bag, and that her friends would like one "two". I don't know if the friends were requesting two each, or if they liked the purse also. Either way, I am not asking any questions, and intend to play dumb. I am generous not stupid.

The Bajeejee. Since working at a hospital, I have found that many people have fond little nicknames for anatomical bits and pieces. My friend (her granddaughter is the one with the Lucy bag) is having a complete hysterectomy and SPARC sling procedure, and she is no exception to the nicknaming convention. She has the same off-beat sense of humor that I do, and so I made her something that takes pictures to explain. However, I have used her anatomical reference to name the project that will forever more be known as "The Bajeejee".

I must say, I was very proud of the results of "The Bajeejee". This project gave me quite an education. Not only do the fallopian tubes have the fimbriated ends, but I also learned how to do a cerclage - albeit in yarn, but still! You never know, I could be called in to assist in surgery at any given moment - hush, it could happen!

NOTE: My mother does not endorse the poor taste of knitting or photographing "The Bajeejee", nor does she use the F-word. However, after she comes back from spending this coming weekend with me in St. Louis for the Loopy Spring Fling she might...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Treats for the Sweet

For Easter, I have knit a collection of sweets for my two nieces, ages 8 and 5. This collection includes the center two cupcakes (pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits), and the pastries include the jelly rolls, doughnuts, strawberry jam tarts, and chocolate fingers (pattern from Jean Greenhowe's Jiffyknits). Each girl will get one of each so as it is FAIR to everyone lest the balance be upset.

These sweets were really a lot of fun to knit, and they were very quick on and off the needles. They were knit with Lion's Brand Vanna's Choice, and a little bit of Plymouth Encore.

I am going to make a cupcake for myself to sit on my desk, but it will include the beads that look like sugar sprinkles, but mine will be chocolate with sprinkles (beads).

The tiny nephew will get something too, but the details of that project are still being worked out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Think PINK!!!

I finished the Lucy bag, and it came out better than expected. Admittedly, I am not such a fan of the color pink, but once felted this bag was double cute. The gals at the yarn shop told me that the Galway variegated pink would look like marble when felted, and it certainly did.

As I mentioned previously, I had enough yarn left over to knit a little accessory purse, and I put a button on it to match the Lucy bag. I tried to get up close, but the button was somewhat shiny and reflected too much light, so this was as close as I could get. It actually reads, "Girl Power", and it is an exact match to the pink with green accents.

This Lucy bag is the smallest version on the pattern, but knit in worsted to give it a little extra size. I will definitely knit one of these for myself - probably not in pink though...

As an aside, hubby never really has too much to say about the knitting because it just isn't his thing, but he told me he really liked this bag and thought it would be a hit!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Fighting Irish are Fighting No More!

I have finished both the leprechauns, AKA Lucky Fellows by Alan Dart. The colors I used more closely resemble the pattern in Simply Knitting as opposed to Mr. Dart's second version on his own website. While these little guys don't look like they would be tough to complete, they are labor intensive. There were knit with a conglomeration of things in my stash, but mostly Plymouth Encore. Mom gave me the red for the beards/hair, and I think that was a Hobby Lobby fun fur thing - thanks, Mom.

As a gift for a friend's granddaughter, I have also completed the Lucy bag, and with the left over yarn made a little tiny purse for incidentals. This was knit in a Galway variegated colorway made up of Pepto pink/hot fuschia pink/white, and it is in the wash attempting to felt for the second time. Yes, of course, I know how to felt. It seems that the bag is unaware of the felting process - not me. I used Plymouth Galway as it is supposed to be a "great felter and not furry" because of no mohair; however, I fear that the meaning of "great" has been expanded to include the description of "very little"...

This is a pre-felted picture, but after the first time in the wash, it does not look that much different. I have upped the agitation level, and sent it through in a second attempt.

I am now working on Easter projects for the nieces, and Natty wants to help with the little pastries so badly that they have had to be stowed away in a ziplock bag. This will include a collection of pastries from the Jean Greenhowe book, Jiffyknits. I was originally only going to make them for my youngest of the two nieces, and make something else for the older, but I have been informed by their mother that that will never do. Since my older niece has appointed herself to be the Commissioner of Fair, she is getting a set as well so that war does not break out in their home. The nephew, however, will get something else entirely, and I am hoping the Commissioner will let that infraction slide...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Down With The Little People!!!

The cursed little people in question are the leprechauns that I have been attempting to complete - for what seems like eternity. The assembly process of these little devils is quite complex (even for my taste), and I am feeling somewhat, no wait, openly hostile towards them.

This is likely due to the fact that I am making two at once, and I do realize that this is a mistake of my own doing. I will say they are going to be double cute, but I have grown weary of them none the less. The assembly process is winding down, and the project has been grounded to home assembly so as not to lose any of the pieces.

In the interim, I have been working on the Lucy Bag for a friend's granddaughter. So far, this pattern seems pretty easy, although I am questioning some of the verbage at the post-felting point.

I will try to post pics this weekend of the little Irish men sometime tomorrow if possible, and I leave you with a final and heart felt thought.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Party at the Chu's

The Friday night before Valentine's Day (aka Valentine's Eve), I went to my sister's house so that I could do Valentine's Day crafts with her girls, and so we could all have pizza together. We forgot to take pictures of the pink and red yarn octopi that we made, but I did get a picture of everyone with their red yarn Valentine's wig on.

We even made a wig for Max, who was somewhat less than thrilled, but still a pretty good sport...

The only thing I have to knit on the leprechauns are one last arm and the two top hats. I am having trouble finding the little plastic pots that are sold as pots for gold around St. Patrick's Day. I have found a fairly large size, but the size I am looking for is about the size of a small apple - anyone seen any of those of late?

Monday, February 16, 2009

007 Versus Dr. Zaius

The aformentioned "object" is the Presto Chango sweater, and was knit in Wild Horse Fantasy in a color called FA-99. Don't you wish the yarn companies would give you names rather than numbers??? There is something so off-putting about just having a number.

At any rate, the color is a pretty true cinnamon. I made the 6 month size, and it came out to gauge, but this is a VERY generous 6 month size as you can see - but I guess that means more wear time for the kid. This was knit for a friend's new baby named Guy who was born 12/26/2008.

Natty voluntarily tried on this sweater, but I neglected to get a pic. Guy's mother, not wanting her cat to be outdone, considered trying the sweater on one of her cats (Dr. Zaius), but opted for just a photo of him near the sweater lest he remove an arm for the indignity...

Is it just me, or does Guy have the same look on his face that Dr. Zaius has about trying on the sweater?

I am working on the leprechauns - yes two of them. I can explain. It's just that Mike never is really excited about my knitting, and when he said he would like to have one I lost my head and started making one for his station at school, and one or my office. I should have thought this through a little more carefully as these are hands down some of the fussiest items on the planet. In fact, this leprechaun thing is a whole lot like work, which is not what I had planned for myself at all!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

OO7 Knits Again...

I am nearly finished with a, er, uh, an object - yea that's it, an OBJECT. This is a gift for a friend, and she sometimes reads my blog - no clues or pics until the gift has been received. She doesn't even know I am making anything for her, and that is why I am knitting/blogging in 007 mode.

I can't decide what my next project will be. I usually know three projects in advance what I will be making next, but after my last nine projects being for other people I am a little giddy at the prospect of knitting something for myself...

I am trying NOT to knit socks between now and the end of April as I am going to the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling with my mom.

Some of the things I am considering in the meantime are:

Hococo the Lemur - Alan Dart
Jack Frost - Alan Dart - no picture available yet as it was published in Simply Knitting.
Leprechaun- Alan Dart
Witch and Cat - Alan Dart - I am thinking in orange and black with some sparkles worked in somehow...
Dickensian Party Mice - Alan Dart
Mr. and Mrs. Christmas - Alan Dart
Initial Imps - Alan Dart
Pepto & Tums - Mochimochi - maybe just Tums
Boo - Mochimochi

I also could finish the clothes for my Prairie Harze, but they might still be hibernating through winter...

I will leave you with my most recent and favorite quote that I have discovered:

Excuse me, I have work to do.
Evil plots do not make themselves...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't You Hate It When...

Don't you hate it when somebody posts pictures of you on their blog that you trusted them with??? Okay, I am the guilty party, but in a shameless plug for a dog sweater that started out in a book, and ended up on the needles to be something totally different that I designed myself I am posting some pictures that a friend entrusted me with.

The sweater is for my friend Carol's Chihuahua who is full grown and weighs less than three pounds. He came from an abusive home, and Carol and her hubby rescued him. He is so tiny and the cold is a real problem for him. He has a couple of little shirts, but doesn't care for them so much because he cannot tolerate things being pulled over his head because of the former abuse.

Hmmm. Abused and cold, that's all a knitter ever needs to hear to get the needles humming. This little sweater is only about seven inches long from cast on to cast off. It was knit with Lion Brand/Vanna's Choice Baby in the Goldfish colorway. It really is a dusty salmon color, and is cushiony and soft. The body of the sweater is in seed stitch so that it does not stretch out and get too big, and the edges have a three stitch garter rim.

Here is my friend Carol holding him. I crocheted (believe it or not) two little fastener loops and attached two black buttons.

The little Chihuahua's name is Uno, and apparently he runs the house. He is still pretty timid, but is working through his issues. Carol told me that he acted like he liked his new sweater because he marched around with it on, and snuggled down in it.

Carol and Uno, thanks for being such good sports and indulging me with photos!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Two more finished projects for 2009, and I believe that makes eight! Truly, I am not a production knitter, but more of a process knitter (unlike DM), not that you would know it by my recent progress so far this year...

I tried the Fantasty yarn by Dark Horse Yarns. It feels soft to the hands, but not quite as soft to the neck. Also, in a total of four skeins, two of each color used below, there was at least one knot in each skein of yarn. They were easy enough to untie, but still an annoyance. Also, the yarn was the tiniest bit splitty, but that could have been me as I was trying to really get these two scarves behind me and in the mail, and was knitting at the speed of light. There were also unprocessed bits of hard plastic (for lack of a better way to put it) that were similar to broom straws here and there, and the joins of the yarn that looked as if the ends had been glued together in some sort of a twist. I tried pulling out the glued areas planning to give the yarn a new twist, and luckily enough all those spots pulled out without too much trouble, and required only a minumum of work to smooth down the areas in question. The yarn was affordably-priced, and appropriate for a gift to non-fiber/non-knitting friends, but not as good as I had expected. It is softer than the value-priced Encore, but disappointingly the quality is not nearly as high as I think this yarn may be inclined to pill quickly.

The first scarf is knit with the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern which I got from Ravely. This pattern is super simple to follow, and the results are far more impressive than the amount of work it takes to complete this project. As mentioned above, this was knit with the Fantasy yarn, and measures 70 inches as it was made with the intention of being tied with the European Loop method. This scarf is really a deep crimson red, and not the cherry red as the picture shows. The friend who this was knit for fancies himself a cross between James Bond and JFK, and requested a color that 007 would wear.

The second scarf is the Basketweave Scarf by Ann Budd. I am aware that she is practically knitting royalty, but I did not enjoy knitting this scarf. While the instructions were not difficult, they were extremely tedious, and made me want to set the pattern on fire a number of times. This scarf was also knit with Fantasy, is allegedly reversible, and measures 70 inches as well.
To be honest, the Irish Hiking Scarf is far more impressive than the Basketweave Scarf, but that is just my impression. I have not really knit a lot of scarves before, and now I know why - they are as boring as boring can be. I would possibly make the the Irish Hiking Scarf again, but not the Basketweave. It was just too boring, and I had to rip it out too many times because the boredom lulled me into making mistakes. As mentioned above, it wasn't hard, just tedious because of the 18 row pattern repeat, and BORING!
I am happy to mail these scarves off to the friends to whom they will soon belong; wear them in good health, Mike and Kathy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shhhhh. You Must Be Vewy, Vewy Qwuiet...

I am working on a project for two friends that live out of town, but peek in on the blog now and again so I don't want to give any of the details away. I have one of the two items finished, and the second item is about one-fourth finished.

I will be mailing them by this coming weekend or shortly thereafter if things go as planned, and I will post pics once the package has been received.

In the meantime, mum's the word.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little Star Bag

The bag was knit in the star stitch, and with the Debbie Mumm Traditions Yarn (Pine Needle Green colorway) that The Great Enabler gave me in one of our knitting group's stash swaps. I made two panels so that the stars would be going the right direction, seamed at the bottom and both sides, and finished off with several rows of garter stitch to keep the top edge from rolling. For what seemed like an eternity, I made a six stitch I-cord for the handle, and then a three stitch I-cord for the fastening loop. The button is something I got at Hobby Lobby several years ago.

I had originally considered lining the bag, but have decided against it as I have so many other irons in the knitting fire. Also, the star fabric is fairly dense, and I do not intend to carry anything in it that will poke through the knitted fabric.

I know this bag is no big whoop, but it is the first thing that I have ever designed and knit, and I thought it was post-worthy.

A shot that is a little bit closer so that you can see the detail in the button, as well as the star stitch.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gettin' My Fussy On!

Sheldon, currently known as the turtle of hate, is finished! This little fella definitely gave me the chance to embrace the fussy.

The instructions for the applied I-cord to assemble the attachment panel and the shell were at best extremely flawed, and I have made numerous projects with applied I-cord, so this is not a new skill for me. I decided to just use a mattress stitch after several failed attempts (and turning the air blue with profanity) because the instructions were not panning out. This is a free pattern from Knitty, so I can't really fuss too much, but it was a challenge.

Linda and Christy have taunted me that I am not able to make just one of any given item, and so the gauntlet has been thrown down. I am pleased to report that I have risen to that challenge. I will only be making one of these horrid little turtles.

He is cute, but way, way too much trouble to EVER repeat this pattern. I have seen on Ravelry that lots of folks made several Sheldons - all I can say is there is no explaining crazy...

The Designer Sport yarn worked well as it is very soft, and I did not stuff him too full so that he would stay snuggly.

I am not entirely pleased with the eyes, but they are embroidered on so that little fingers cannot snatch off an eye and swallow any small pieces.

Tomorrow is my nephew's first birthday, but I will be delivering Sheldon the Horrible a few days late. It's kind of early, but Happy Birthday, Max! Aunt Terri loves you.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Progress on the Terrapene carolina...

TRANSLATION: Progress on the common box turtle...

A few weeks ago at a knitting get together, I mentioned to my fiber pals that I did not know why I had been so drawn to knitting toys as of late, and the Great Enabler thought that it might be because it "gave me the chance to be fussy..."

Yea, I see the irony, and maybe the Pope is Catholic too, right?

I recognize that I am the slightest bit detail-oriented, and possibly a little obsessive as well. The Sheldon pattern from Knitty is not exactly a hard pattern, but it leans heavily on the fussy side of things. This is not a pattern to knit mindlessly on at all. The pattern calls for Knit Picks Shine Sport, which is 60% cotton. Cotton makes my hands tired, and with all the pattern work on the shell I did not feel like fighting with a no-give fiber. I chose Designer Sport yet again because it is very soft, and it has a nice "sproing" quality. I am using the colorways Pistachio and Celedon for Sheldon.

Don't let my whining put you off if you are interested in making a Sheldon, just plan to spend some very focussed time with the project.

He is coming along, and believe it or not the shell has been the quickest part of him to knit so far. I think he will be very cute, and I hope much loved by my nephew, Max. This will be for his birthday, but will likely be completed after the fact. Also, his eyes will not be plastic, but embroidered on for safety's sake - Max is soon to turn one.

The body has been stuffed and seamed, but the instructions request the legs be stuffed and attached later.

This is the nearly half-completed shell. I had my doubts about it in the beginning, but so far so good.

Off to knit.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Knitting Needles Moving at the Speed of Light...

I have been knitting furiously to have the Party Penguins all knitted and assembled by today as it is my niece's fifth birthday today. Happy Birthday, Lucy! Time has gotten away from me, and I fear that I may be late on the nephew's gift now, but I still have two days...

I also re-knit the bows on the little elephants so that they could have a firmer join, and not curl. I re-knit them in stockinette, and they came out great. Here they are with the penguins wearing their new and improved bows.

These are two of the shrugs that I made for Christmas gifts for my friends at work. The purple shrug being worn on the left is knit from Bernat Satin in Plum Mist Heather, and is for my friend and boss, Sylvia. The blue shrug being worn on the right is knit from Designer Sport from Red Heart in the denim colorway, and is worn by my friend Carol who is the clerk/tech for the department.

Both of the girls were good enough to turn around so the patterning could be seen.

As you can seen, they were both really good sports to model and pose with the Dream in Color Shrugs, which more accurately could be called Dream in Bernat and Red Heart in this case...

With two days to go to get Sheldon finished and assembled, I've got to get the needles in high gear.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year!