Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Great Scarf Project of 2009 is Complete!

As my previous posts have told you, I had taken on a mammoth project of knitting ten scarves, or more precisely ten Twisted Vine Neck Warmers for some friends and the ladies in my office for Christmas gifts. All of the scarves were knit with Plymouth Encore as not all of the gift recipients are fiber folks, and I feared what they might do to them in my absence...

I made two in ivory, which I did not think I would like at all because I thought they would be boring to knit, as well as to wear; however, I stand corrected, and boredom gave way to simplicity which really accented the details of the lace and cables.

Here is the group of ten, yep TEN, in all their multicolored glory.

In truth, I would really like one for myself, but not today.

I am now working on some (don't ask my how many) bookmarks, and I hope to be finished with them by mid-week. According to my knitting progress calendar, I am supposed to knit two pairs of mittens, and then Christmas will be done. Also, I am going to try to incorporate the same large center cable that is in the neck warmers into the mittens.

I will admit, a certain vampire bat has capured my attention as of late...

However, a certain sweater (Scoop Neck Cardigan) is shouting, "ME NEXT, ME NEXT!"