Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Shawl Passed Away...

Could we have a moment of silence for the dearly, or not so dearly, departed shawl...

The wretched little shawl reverted back to its wicked ways, and it had to be frogged. It was such a final death, that I even returned the unusued portion of yarn back to The Studio... This was not because I hate the pattern or lace knitting for that matter, it was the yarn that I did not care for.

Merriam-Webster lists one definition of progress to be forward or onward movement. In my own self-negotiating way, I suppose there may be a smidge of progress in regards to the shawl - but in a very abstract way...

From that I experience, I have learned a few things. I can knit lace, as well as read charts, and I will pick up the project again, but in another yarn. I have heard many knitters extole the virtues of alpaca yarn. I unfortunately am not one of them. I hate the hairy, albeit mild, quality that alpaca yarn has. In fact, I pretty much hate all hairy yarn, chief among them being mohair!

I think I am going to try the shawl again in a fingering weight yarn (once the socks are done), and maybe even in Trekking as I have a great big skein of purple that has been crying to come out of my stash drawer. Yes, just one drawer. I am not pitiful, that is just how I maintain my work flow and manage my yarn budget.

To comfort myself, I have started a sock (aren't you all surprised???) in Panda Cotton. I have read that some knitters just loathe that yarn as they feel like it is way too splitty. I have not really had much trouble with it, but you do have to pay attention.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Damn, Damn, Double Damn!!!

I am just about to rip out this damned shawl for the fifth (YES, FIFTH) time, and I have come to a conclusion...

If we (the shawl and I) can't get our act together, it is going to be either it or me, and I like ME better.

With my naturally forgiving nature, I will give it one more chance before it has to go to shawl heaven...

Monday, May 21, 2007

I Don't Suppose Anyone Has Actually Died From Knitting Lace...

I keep remembering the lace on the sleeves for DMS that nearly made me mental, and I find myself wondering why I wanted to knit a lace shawl???

I am going to take a deep breath and jump in. The shawl is from Interweave Knits latest edition, and it is the Clementine Shawlette. I am using the Blue Sky silk/alpaca listed in the pattern, and I am using Mocha/122.

Dear Lord,

Wish me luck, and please make sure my Addi needles go to a good home if I don't survive this project. Amen.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

To Meme or Not to Meme, That is the Question...

I looked at my comments yesterday and discovered that I had been tagged by someone who has read my blog. While I am a team player, I am definitely a negotiator at heart. Here are my terms. I will do approximately 50% of the request, and we will call it good. I will answer the questions, but let the tagged decide who they are instead of me tagging them. I know people are busy, so participation is the most fun when it is not coerced.

Here are the tag rules (of which I have totally disregarded and/or made up my own):
  1. Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves.

  2. Those tagged need to write on their blog the 7 facts as well as the rules of the game.

  3. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog - or rewrite the rules as I did (heh!)

4. You have to leave those you are tagging a note in their comments so they know they have been tagged to read your blog.

Seven Random Facts:

1. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

2. I am comfortable being by myself.

3. Fall is my favorite time of year.

4. I have always loved magical things.

5. I recently purchased an MP3 player, and I love to download books and listen while I knit.
(Thanks, Grandma)

6. I have recently discovered that I am probably a very boring person, but I am comfortable
enough with myself not to care...

7. I hate rudeness. I try never to display it, and dislike it in others.

NOTE: If you feel that you have been tagged, then be tagged. If not, maybe next time.

Now that that little chore is complete, on to the knitting news. I am nearing the finish line for suprise surprise, another pair of socks. This is the first time I have tried lace knitting for socks. The pattern is from Wildhorse Farms (Savannah), and the pattern is pretty easy. I did use an eye of partridge heel with a little modifcation here and there instead of the pattern's heel, but I like the effect. The yarn is Jitterbug, made by Colinette, and the color Toscana. My stitch count is correct, but the yarn feels and looks the slightest bit FIRM. They stitch pattern is really pretty, but I think this pair will be reserved for cool fall or cold winter days.

I think the time has come for me to get some sock blockers for my photos. The little cardboard set I cut out just doesn't really do it for me...

I think Karen has some really nice wood sock blockers from The Loopy Ewe. Take a peek at hers back in the archives.

Happy knitting!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fun, Felting, and My Favorite Author...

I have had a lot of fun this week. I have lived in fear of entrelac for years, and this week I have finally arrived!!! I conquered my fears, jumped in, and knit like there was no tomorrow. The pattern is from a company called Knitability, and I used Brown Sheep yarn. This was also my first attempt at changing/designing my own color scheme. I am not entirely happy with it, but it is a start.

The first picture is the before shot. This was so big I could have worn it as a skirt!

I am not a fan of the felting process, but I do enjoy the finished results. The smell and feel of wet wool is not something I look for on a day to day basis. The pattern did direct me to make button holes and insert the grommets, but that did not work at all. I resorted to brut force, and stabbed holes with a phillips (ha ha) screwdriver, and snipped a little teeny bit with scissors. I made the holes so they would be snug around the grommets. That being said, I think it turned out okay.

Also, this week I got to meet my favorite author (Charlaine Harris), and have her sign her newest book that came out on 05/01/2007. She writes the Southern Vampire Series, also called the Sookie Stackhouse books. She was a complete delight, and I enjoyed meeting her. She was even gracious enough to allow me to have my picture taken with her. Charlaine is seated, and I am the star struck fan standing beside her. My clothes are a little too baggy, but I have lost some weight, and nothing from the bra out fits quite right. I have always liked a "comfort zone" in my clothes, and have hated tight clothes all my life as I fear I might look a little too much like a sausage if I were to wear snug clothing! At any rate, baggy or not, I was thrilled with the opportunity to meet Charlaine!

As you can see above, I have the newest book in my clutches. I am off to read now.