Monday, April 27, 2009

Loopy Loot!!!

We came, we saw, we kicked some... Who am I kidding? We hid in our room a lot because the loud girls scared us. Also, there were not enough tables and chairs, and I was silly enough to bring a complex pattern that needed a table and concentration.

However, the Loopy giftbag was very nice. We also got to go to Loopy Central, and I was so overwhelmed that I could not shop. I wish now that I had bought several things that I looked at, but I was just too unnerved to push through to the other side. I brought $200 for yarn purchases, and only spent $20.08 because of the mass hysteria. I could not even think about what I wanted because I felt too crowded, pushed, and shoved. The only thing I bought was something that could not be shipped, and it is a sock peacock. There are six wooden holders for mini socks on the handmade wooden peacock. It is pretty cool when you see it all socked up!

I did not take any pictures at the fling as I was too agitated because of the constant hysteria and not enough chairs and tables. Mom has read the TLE blog and there apparently will be a quiet room for knitting/spinning next year, and that is VERY appealing to me. I will have to take time to read it myself.

Mom and I did have a nice time together, and even with all of the craziness I would still go back with her if she wanted to go next year.

Now, for the loot:

At the top, the oblong gray tube is a Namaste bag that opens from both ends with an exterior zippered pouch with an adjustable strap. From left to right, just below the bag there are two Loopy Ewe temporary tattoos, my Loopy Ewe ID tag/zippered bag, TLE pin, TLE Spring Fling mug in a color that matches the bag, the wooden sock peacock.

On the next row, the Schaefer (Nichole) yarn that came in the bag, Highland Fling Socks pattern, and the Nicholetta sock pattern by Laura Nelkin. Also, I also got a sort of short-lived or possibly disposable red Loopy shopping bag that is somewhere between a dental bib and go green sort of material.

I met someone whose Ravelry name is "PlazaJen", and she is a sweetheart! She also teaches classes at The Studio. I met probably a dozen other nice girls, but unfortunately I do not remember their names or where they live.

In my next post, I will show pics of the Boudelaire socks. I did not get a chance to meet Cookie in person, but I saw her several times. I did not realize until I got there that she was the author of that pattern.

Anne Hanson is a lovely person, and a very kind teacher. I would gladly take a class with her again if it were offered, but next time I would take a much more advanced class.

Oh yea, Mom also bough me a red Loopy Ewe hooded sweatshirt.

Willa and Floyd are nearing the finish line as well. Their pics will come later.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Victims of Knitting...

I have often photographed and posted pictures of my finished knitted items, although a few do sneak under the wire, but not often do I post my intended targets of said knits.

The Irish Hiking Scarf. This was made for a friend of mine (Mike) who lives in Columbia. I also made a scarf for his girlfriend (Kathy), but she prefers not be photographed. He really isn't a sour puss, but I will admit he looks like he has a date with the hangman in this pic...

The Lucy Bag. This was made for a friend's granddaughter who is 12-years-old. She sent me the kindest thank you note telling me that she loved the bag, and that her friends would like one "two". I don't know if the friends were requesting two each, or if they liked the purse also. Either way, I am not asking any questions, and intend to play dumb. I am generous not stupid.

The Bajeejee. Since working at a hospital, I have found that many people have fond little nicknames for anatomical bits and pieces. My friend (her granddaughter is the one with the Lucy bag) is having a complete hysterectomy and SPARC sling procedure, and she is no exception to the nicknaming convention. She has the same off-beat sense of humor that I do, and so I made her something that takes pictures to explain. However, I have used her anatomical reference to name the project that will forever more be known as "The Bajeejee".

I must say, I was very proud of the results of "The Bajeejee". This project gave me quite an education. Not only do the fallopian tubes have the fimbriated ends, but I also learned how to do a cerclage - albeit in yarn, but still! You never know, I could be called in to assist in surgery at any given moment - hush, it could happen!

NOTE: My mother does not endorse the poor taste of knitting or photographing "The Bajeejee", nor does she use the F-word. However, after she comes back from spending this coming weekend with me in St. Louis for the Loopy Spring Fling she might...