Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I've been a bad, bad blogger...

Okay, okay, I get it. The postings have been few and far between. Tardy does not even begin to cover a two month hiatus from blogging. In my defense, I've been sooo busy...

I have not slacked off on the knitting however, and I have knit several pairs of socks.

Before you ask, I did knit both socks. I realize my follow through on posting makes me a little suspect in this area.

This is the Pennlyn sock pattern from Wildhorse Farm Designs (I did use a different heel and toe though).

This sock was knit with CTH Spring Frost with green beads with a gold center just below the ribbing cuff. (Thank you Debi for the bead tutorial.)
As you can tell, I have been much enamored with the Pennlyn sock pattern, and used it for both of the next two pairs as well.

This pair was knit for my DMS who has yet to take receipt of them. They were knit with Claudia Hand Painted Yarn (Freesia) - no beads as they were kind of loud all on their own...

This pair (now finished of course) was knit with Claudia Hand Painted Yarn as well. This may be my favorite pair of socks I have ever knit. They now belong to a friend at work. It made my little heart sing to find out that she loves themas much as I do! They have beads just below the ribbing cuff, and the bead color is called "tropicana".

The yarn color is Sherbet, and I am definitely going to have to order some for myself.

(I got all of my Claudie at Loopy Ewe as I love to get packages in the mail...)

I have also started on my Christmas knitting - for the little gifts that are nice just to let someone know that you thought of them, and hope they have a happy holiday season. I am using up my sock yarn left overs by knitting mini socks. I got the pattern from the Loopy Ewe.

I am a little bit socked out right now, and I am trying something new. I have seen both spellings, so I do not know which is correct. I am doing a felted (entreloc or entrelac?) back pack in fall colors. I am on the third tier, and will take pictures when complete. Unfelted (entreloc or entrelac?) doesn't look like such big whoop, but I have it on good authority that it will whip itself into shape once felted.