Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's a Pickle I Tell You, Just a Pickle!!!

I thought I was a big enough girl to make my own decisions, and to forget the rules my mother gave me as a child. The rule in particular that I have recently disreguarded is,

"Don't start another project until you finish the one you are working on..."

To be fair, it is not entirely my fault that I am in this mess - but sort of. On 08/26/2007, also known as Black Sunday. I had the first of a series of three classes on magic loop toe up socks with a short row heel. Sounds innocent enough, right? The problem began in that the second of three classes was THREE WEEKS after the first class due to scheduling issues with the LYS. I was given homework and promptly finished that. Hmmm, I then had two and a half weeks and nothing to knit except that 80% finished sweater I was working on before the class, and who wanted to work on that? The answer was certainly not me.

My evil self talked me into starting a second pair of socks, just a little gap filler between the sock class, and now classes pleural as I still do not have the sweater done, my gap filling socks are not done, and of course I just had the second of three classes today. Aarghhhhh!!!

In my youth, I used to be an extremely disorganized person, could never finish anything, and thus the "don't start a new project until you finish the one you are working on" rule came to be. Now, I am in a three project knitting pickle, and nary a one of them are done! The worst part is after the third of three classes, I will just have one of the socks done - NOT BOTH!

To make it worse, I even bought a new sweater pattern today after class. I think the only way to get this unfinished project monkey off my back is to go cold turkey. First, I will do my homework, and that only until it is finished. Then, I will finish the "gap filler" socks. Lastly, I will finish the long neglected sweater.

By all that is holy, I will never get myself in this knitting pickle again!!!