Monday, September 18, 2006

Baby Sweater and Hat for a Friend

I have become such a slacker in respect to my blog.

This is not an excuse, but I have had a lot on my mind lately. I am getting ready to have weight loss surgery, and there are many hurdles to jump through before THE BIG DAY. I have have had a roller coaster emotion ride that ranges from neuroticism to elation. Some of my family and friends have been so helpful and kind about my decision, but unfortunately, not all of my friends and/or acquaintances are even nice about my having the surgery. I have wondered many times if the nay sayers are genuinely concerned about me, or if they are experiencing insecurity about their own weight issues? Either way, I cannot worry about that, and God knows I have tried.

I am still working on the cardigan mentioned in the last entry (the brick red cardigan for DH). I have interspersed a project or two as it is such a big project. The pattern is by Mari, and I do not care for her pattern writing style one little bit. I have spoken to the designer once on the phone, and I don't plan to use any more of her work - I will be lucky to finish this monstrosity! She doesn't know me, and I don't know her, but I found her to be curt and arrogant.

On a happier front, I have almost completed a little short project. To the right you see the baby in the yellow sweater and hat - I am knitting this in baby blue as it is for a boy. A friend at work is expecting, and she is due in January. I wanted to finish the project I am making for her baby before my surgery (10/02/2006), and I can see the finish line from here. The sweater is made, but needs some blocking, as well as the buttons. I have a good start on the hat, and it will be finished within a day or two. The pattern I am using is from Plymouth, and it was super easy to follow. I saw this sweater made up in my LYS, and it was made out of the Plymouth yarn called Oh My! Of course, I thought mine had to be made out of Oh My! too... The knitted fabric looks like a well-worn bathrobe, but has the coolest, silkiest, and most snuggly texture you could imagine. Oh My! feels great, but unravels easily, and snags if you breathe on it. I love the way it feels, but I probably will not use it again.

I am already dreading going back to work on that big sweater for DH. The back is finished, and I am not looking forward to the rest. I may have to knit a pair of socks before I jump back into that sweater.

Once the baby sweater and hat are blocked and ready for presentation, I will post an actual picture of my work.