Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Old Friend, Knitting...

It's been longer than ever since my last post. I have been working through some personal struggles, and figuring some things out... Lately, my best buddy has been my knitting. It is never too busy, always has time, and I always feel better after I have spent some time with yarn running through my fingers.

Even when friends, family, and husband are too busy or too indifferent to care or listen, the knitting always makes time... In fact, I have made my best decisions and cleared the highest mental hurtles with knitting needles in hand... My old friend, knitting, is to thank.

Here is my latest project. It is a pattern by Mari, and the LYS ordered it for me. This picture of course is the pattern advertisement. This will be a gift for DH, and he picked the pattern and color. I am knitting it with Cascade 220. It isn't as luxurious as I would have liked, but Cascade seemed to fit the bill.

Drum roll please... Here is my progress so far on the back.

And the close up version for detail. The flash made it look much brighter than it is. The picture above is much more true to exact color.

Since my last post, I have visited Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, Missouri. It is one of the lovliest placed in the entire Midwest. The landscaping is gorgeous, and the buildings look like something from a Thomas Kinkaid painting.

This really does not do the gardens and building justice, but it was just beautiful.

I have never really been a big fan of going to the lake, but this resort could easily change all of that...

The lake you see in the distance is Tablerock Lake, not exactly the Lake of the Ozarks, but still a great place to visit.

I could so easily be a pool rat, but that eating and living in doors thing gets me every time!

Last, but definitely not least, a picture of my two nieces. The little girl with the sundress on is the youngest niece, Lucy. She was already dressed for bed, so DMS just slipped the dress on over the jammies. Behold the success... Also, this was the night I delivered the birthday present to her older sister, Braydee. I got her a knitting machine for children, which I have not had time to help her with yet (sorry Braydee), and DMS refers to that device as a "HORRID LITTLE MACHINE". DMS doesn't knit (yet), and Braydee is very interested in learning - that's Aunt Terri's girl!!! To be fair, DMS jumped in and untangled hours worth of knots in the yarn, and really tried to make it work for the kid, and now it lives in the box until I go up and help with the process.

To everyone I owe comments to, sorry to be so slow in getting back. I am out of the funk, and back in Blogland. Happy knitting!