Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dreams, Spares, Harze, and Cookies...

I am taking a brief respite from knitting the Harze to knit something out of the norm for myself. It is the Dream in Color Shrug shown at the far left. However, I am trying to knit down my stash, and I am making this in a really pretty deep eggplant color in Plymouth Encore. Maybe it should be called "Dream in Encore" in this case. The picture does not show much of anything, and yes DH still has the good camera, but you will just have to take my word for it that it is coming out very nicely. I know not everyone likes Encore, but it is a good budget-friendly choice with tons of color options, and the ability to be machine washed and dried - plus it looks pretty good for the lace in this pattern too.

As far as the spare goes, DH brought me home a spare head, and I was pretty thrilled. This is one of his mannequin heads that he has gotten down to the final cut on in school, and he donated it to me for hat blocking and fitting purposes.

In reference to the Harze, I have three assembled, and one is still in the dismembered status right now. I will probably assemble the fourth hare sometime tomorrow. However, I am taking a short break from them lest I decide to make rabbit stew. I will finish their little outfits after I finish the above mentioned shrug.

As I may have mentioned two or fifty times, I do not like the intrusion on my time that school seems to demand. I have realized that at times my mood has been a bit dark as I feel very put upon by my lack of time to do anything I enjoy. I do not know how people with kids go to school - I only have a husband and a cat and some days I am overwhelmed!!! With the whole dark mood and overwhelmed theme, I have found a sign to hang on my front door, and probably in my cube at work too. How bad could a place be that gives you cookies?