Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jumpin' Jack Flat...

On 12/14/2007, I was driving down the road and a driver in another car alerted me that my front right tire was low. I thanked him, quickly turned around, and went to a Shell station three blocks back the other way.

I get to the Shell station, pull up to the air pump, and realize that I do not know how much air goes in a tire. The obvious answer to me would be "until it's not flat", but realizing this probably wasn't an exact estimate, I called dear hubby and the coversation went like this:

Me: "Hi honey, I have a front right tire that is very low, but I am sitting in a Shell station right by the air machine, how many pounds of air goes into a tire?"

Dear Hubby: "Take your car to the Ford dealership and ask for my service writer, Kevin; he will take care of it."

Me: "I am already here at the gas station, and surely I can put air in the tire. Just tell me how much air because I have several errands, and dealership will take forever just to look at it..."

Dear Hubby: "Do you know how to put air in your tire?"

Me: "I am sure I can figure it out, just tell me how much air..."
The conversation ended with him telling me how much air to put in, and then telling me to have a good day. In my mind, he had signed off on my idea to put the air in, and go about my way. In reality, not so much...

I filled the tire, replaced the cap, and went inside to get a drink and use the restroom. I waited for about ten minutes before leaving and the tire was still round, and appeared to be fine, fine, fine. I figured that was enough time to see if it was going to go flat again. Long story short, I drove downtown to 1919 Wyandotte in Kansas City to order my spinning wheel. After I came out of the fiber shop, full of joy at having just ordered my spinning wheel, I noticed that the wretched tire had gone completely flat. As you might guess, the second conversation with dear hubby was not nearly so cordial as the first, and went something like - "Why didn't you just go to the dealership like I told you to??? There are no service stations of any kind where you are, and now I will have to come and fix it!!!" Unfortunately, I have no clue how to change a tire - yes, I know it is pathetic. Before you all fuss at me too much, I have other skill sets... I can swim, whistle with my fingers, and drive a stick. I am getting AAA Motor Club, or so I am told...

Dear Hubby was there in less than 30 minutes. When the lug nuts (every one of them) seemed to be frozen on the wheel, he had to jump up and down on the jack to break them loose, and all I could think of was the chorus to the song "Jumpin' Jack Flash" or dear hubby's case, "Jumpin' Jack Flat." Luckily he did not see me snap this picture of him...
After the tire was changed, dear hubby asked me "Where are you going now?" My answer was to finish my errands - once again, not so much... I was sent straight away, do not pass go, do not collect $200, and go straight to the dealership without another errand!!! When I arrived at the dealership, I found out that dear hubby had made arrangements for four new tires, and all I had to do was show up.
All that behind me, the spinning wheel has been delivered, and it is a Louet S10 double treadle. The yarn I spun is from the roving that came with the wheel (corriedale silver), and I am hoping to make less ugly yarn in the future.. The brown yarn is what I have tied it with to keep it secure.

This is what I spent my Christmas money on. Thanks, Mom! This is my comfort yarn, Encore. It can be machine washed and dried, and will become the
Butterfly sweater from Plymouth Yarn. The wine color will be the majority of the sweater, and the ribbing at the bottom, cuffs, and neck will be with both the wine and the chocolate brown - gotta love that combination, right?
This will be the last post of 2007. I will leave you with my favorite quote, the author is unknown to me, and it will stand as my single New Year's Resolution.

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 'I will try again tomorrow.'"

Be happy, be well, and Happy New Year to all!

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Debi of FKD has recently posted a list of her favorite things, and kindly charged her readers to post a few of their own favorite things. I absolutely love that idea, and cheerfully challenge anyone who reads this to post their favorite things! Here is a list of things that I really enjoy:

FALL/HALLOWEEN - Fall is hands down my favorite time of the year with the colors, kids going back in school, and the anticipation of the holidays - it's for me! I really enjoy Halloween decorations and spooky things. This includes movies with a nod towards vampires and witches, but not so much with the gore, and the same for books.

CAREN ET CIE HAND TREATMENT - The hand cream in the tube/pump bottle with the blue label is my personal favorite hand cream. The blue scent is baby powder, and it combats the harsh soap at the hospital where I work. It is a little bit pricey, but completely worth it!

LONG AND PRETTY MASCARA - Clinique makes my favorite mascara (Long Pretty Lashes Mascara is the full name). I am not a fan of thick, fat, and clumpy lashes, but rather a long and feathery look. It doesn't flake, and rarely smudges.

SOOKIE STACKHOUSE/SOUTHERN VAMPIRE SERIES - Charlaine Harris writes my favorite series of books, The Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Series. Her characters are so real it makes you feel as if you actually know them.

CASH IN THE ATTIC/BARGAIN HUNT - The BBC America channel has become my new favorite for the shows Cash in the Attic and Bargain Hunt.

OMEGA PAW LITTER BOX - This is a funny thing to be a fave, but anything that makes changing the litter box easy is going to make it onto my list. It uses clumping litter, and all you do is roll it over onto its top (no litter or anything else falls out when you do this), tap the floor, roll it back over to shift the litter back in place. Lastly, pull out the drawer with an easy to use handle and dump the contents into a bag. It is dirt simple, and nothing ever touches your hands. EASY PEASY!!!

Natty has favorites too, and they include hair bands, and anything that can be stolen out of the knitting bag!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Progress and New Yarn are Beautiful Things

Leaf Lace Socks by Fiber Trends, Lanett Yarn in cranberry. In truth, it is a true Christmas red. That works out nicesly as this is a holiday gift for someone that does not read my blog. I have to admit, this pattern came out pretty darned great. I am very pleased to give this pair of socks as a gift, and I will definitely be knitting this pattern again! The Lanett is wonderful yarn to knit with. It is spun a bit looser than other sock yarn, but once on the needles I had no trouble getting eight stitches to the inch. It is soft, has a nice sheen, and is machine washable and dryable - hallelujah!!! As for colorfastness, I have no idea, but I plan to use this yarn again. Also, it was only $6.56 for approximately 215 yards. Also, the Leaf Lace pattern was super simple and really pretty.

Fetching from with a few modifications. I added one extra cable with three extra rows to lengthen the finger edge. Also, I did not like the bind off they recommended as it made it roll and flare. I did the sewn bind off and it really made them fit great! I used the Plymouth Baby Alpaca, and even with the extra rows it only took one hank.

The candy corn-colored washcloths for Secret Spook Gift Exchange - Sugar 'n Cream, mini fern stitch.

The felted oven mitt and hot pad for the Secret Spook Gift Exchange - Brown Sheep.

The socks mentioned in the previous post from top to bottom:

1. Opal Rainforest - Flamingo - top up, 2x2 rib with magic loop.

2. Fortissima Socka - toe up, 2x2 rib with magic loop.

3. Meilenweit Fantasy - cuff down, 2x2 rib.

Lastly, you See Natty is checking in the most yarn recent shipment - the two skeins on the left are Claudia Hand Painted Yarns in the Chocolate colorway and the large skein on the right is from Spritely Goods in the Sage colorway. The photography does not do the Claudia justice. The Chocolate is really beautiful, and I am hoping that the Sage is not a striping yarn, but more of a color pooling yarn.

No matter which of the holidays you observe during this time of year, find some time to celebrate the joy of the season, and save some time for knitting - cheers!

Terri and Natty

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sorry Honey, I am not in the Mood Tonight...

"Sorry honey, I am not in the mood tonight" describes my entire world right now. I am not in the mood for the holidays, for writing blog posts, for holiday get togethers, for decorating for the holidays. Thus, the time since my last post has been considerable.

My mood isn't as dark as it sounds, I am just not up for a lot of hoopla...

I have been knitting up a storm since my last post. At least two pairs of socks (toe up magic loop, thank you very much), one pair of cuff down socks, two pair of Fetching gloves from, many washcloths as Secret Spook Exchange gifts for Halloween, washcloths for hospital gifts, and lastly a felted oven mitt and hot pad for the aforementioned Halloween festivity.

On a brighter note, I have discovered a fairly new, as in less than a year old, knit shop in town. It is quite a bit further away than either of the two yarns shops I often frequent, but the shop owner is so nice that I am pleased to spend my knitting dollars with her when possible, and drive the extra distance. The name of the shop is Misknits, and it is worth a visit if you are anywhere near close enough to visit the Kansas City area.

Amber, the owner of Misknits, recommended a yarn that I have never used before. It is Lanett in the cranberry color. It is really affordable, and according to Amber knits up very nicely into socks. I also got a new, new to me that is, type of knitting needles - Hiya Hiya. I also picked up a Plymouth pattern for worsted Galway, of which I will probably substitute Encore for as its ease in washability has me hooked. However, I am going to have to purchase a second copy of this pattern as it seems to have escaped me after leaving the shop. I have turned the house, car, purse, knitting bag upside looking for that pattern, and finally had to give up and turn the air blue with expletives. Since that hasn't helped either, I just e-mailed the shop and asked if they have another copy available. This is the Butterfly sweater that seems to have flown away...

In the meantime, I am going to use the Lanett to knit the Crock Socks from the Pattern I ordered from Sheri at the Loopy Ewe - another great source as well.

Maybe, next time I shall post some pictures of the aforementioned finished objects, then again, maybe not. I may still be in a puppysnatch...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's a Pickle I Tell You, Just a Pickle!!!

I thought I was a big enough girl to make my own decisions, and to forget the rules my mother gave me as a child. The rule in particular that I have recently disreguarded is,

"Don't start another project until you finish the one you are working on..."

To be fair, it is not entirely my fault that I am in this mess - but sort of. On 08/26/2007, also known as Black Sunday. I had the first of a series of three classes on magic loop toe up socks with a short row heel. Sounds innocent enough, right? The problem began in that the second of three classes was THREE WEEKS after the first class due to scheduling issues with the LYS. I was given homework and promptly finished that. Hmmm, I then had two and a half weeks and nothing to knit except that 80% finished sweater I was working on before the class, and who wanted to work on that? The answer was certainly not me.

My evil self talked me into starting a second pair of socks, just a little gap filler between the sock class, and now classes pleural as I still do not have the sweater done, my gap filling socks are not done, and of course I just had the second of three classes today. Aarghhhhh!!!

In my youth, I used to be an extremely disorganized person, could never finish anything, and thus the "don't start a new project until you finish the one you are working on" rule came to be. Now, I am in a three project knitting pickle, and nary a one of them are done! The worst part is after the third of three classes, I will just have one of the socks done - NOT BOTH!

To make it worse, I even bought a new sweater pattern today after class. I think the only way to get this unfinished project monkey off my back is to go cold turkey. First, I will do my homework, and that only until it is finished. Then, I will finish the "gap filler" socks. Lastly, I will finish the long neglected sweater.

By all that is holy, I will never get myself in this knitting pickle again!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sit and Spin has Taken on a Whole New Meaning...

Last Sunday afternoon, Christy, one of the girls that I regularly knit with was kind enough to get together with me and show me how to use a drop spindle. For a month or so, I have had an ever-increasing interest in spinning, and this has been since the evening that Christy brought her spinning wheel and drop spindle to our Knit Night. Needless to say, I have been fascinated with the process of spinning ever since.
For years, my only thought about spinning was that it was absolutely none of my business how yarn got from sheep to shop... I was so wrong, and I will admit some people just don't dig the spin, and that's fine too - God knows I am no fan of nupps and fair isle. However, I have now become an amature enthusiast of the art of spinning and those who do it well.

Think back to how difficult that you thought knitting was when you were first learning - now multiply that times ten and that is how tedious learning to spin can be. That being said, this is not to whine about the learning curve, or even all the profanity uttered, but rather to give applause to the spinners who can churn out yard after yard of everything from bulky weight to perfectly plied and spun fingering weight sock yarn.

I have heard discussions that hand spun yarn can be too rustic, not refined, and strange-colored - all of those valid points, and ones I used to make until I saw the absolutely phenomenal things that a spinning wheel can do in the hands of a master. Today, I purchased 400ish yards of some absolutely lovely fingering weight sock yarn that was spun by someone locally, and sold in a local fiber and spinning shop called the Fiber Cottage. My photography does not do the dye work justice. In reality, the color changes are from kind of a subtle silverly lilac into a dusty amethyst that is really just stunning.

Now, from the sublime to the rediculous... This is the silk hanky that was my first attempt. The blue flecks are the yarn that has secured the little skein. There are places where it gets bulky, then thread and skinny, and then back to bulky. I am told my first skeins will be referred to as "novelty yarn" - eck!

The yarn on the spindles are some additional spinning attempts, as well as my humble tools. Also, a few silk hankies and a little bit of undyed roving that I am yet to mangle as well...

Just in case I have not appropriately frightened you with my spinning, one last close up.

Happy knitting to all, and stand up and applaud the spinners who do such incredible work - they deserve it!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What A Good Helper Natty Is...

I have knit a pair of baby sweaters for someone that is near and dear to my heart, but who has asked to remain anonymous at this time.

This is a free pattern from Jimmie Beans Wool, and the panel in the front is removable. There will be four buttons on each side of the panel, but I have not selected the buttons yet. I also have not blocked it as I am unsure if this yarn is blockable. They both were knit with Encore by Plymouth (25% wool, 75% acrylic), and it can be washed and dryed. I thought that was as much of a gift as the sweaters to the proud by shy parents to be.

However, Miss Natty did volunteer to model the sweater for the photo session since we have to keep the recipient a secret for now.

As you can tell, Natty does not mind participating at all, and she loves to play dress up! I had recently taken a picture of her wearing a pair of socks I knit, but the picture would not up load...

Natty thanks you for coming to her most recent fashion show...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Supervisor Turned Supermodel...

In her first modeling debut, Miss Natty takes the stage with a lace shawl knit from the label of Trekking XXL.

As a recap, it is a pattern from IK Spring Issue, and it is the Clementine Shawlette. My blocking is tighter than theirs, and the Trekking is less snuggle-like, but it blocks well, and really shows off the lace pattern.

Here you can see the drape and length of the shawl.

As you can see, the model is very weary of the
photo session, and ready for a well-deserved nap.
She was very patient to let me pose her and try the shawl on her in different ways while I took different pictures.
Although I hate to push my luck, I wonder how she feels about socks???

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tahdahhh!!!! Clementine is off the Needles and in the Bath!

I will keep this short and sweet - the shawl is completely knitted, ends worked in, and Clementine is in the bath. I will block her this evening, and hopefully she can be dry by tomorrow evening so I can take her to Knit Night. DM gave me the idea to fold the shawl in half for a manageable blocking length. The blocked pictures will be next time - wish me luck as this is my first lace blocking attempt!

After the blocking, off to scrub out that sink!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Does Time Move This Quickly for Those Who Don't Knit???

My shawl progress is coming along, but not as quickly as I would like though... Don't get too excited, the first half isn't blocked, it is just pinned for the photo. Natty, of course, had to check that I had pinned the piece correctly...

This is a sort of close up of the lace work, but again, the yarn is not this pink. It is much more dusty purple and navy blue, with just a hint of pink here and there.

There are a minimum of two, and possibly three projects impatiently waiting in the wings.

Firstly, I have a friend with a birthday early in August (thankfully she is not a blog reader), and I am knitting her a pair of socks. They will probably be in the Pennlyn pattern from Wildhorse Farm Designs, and knit with Claudia Hand Painted Yarns in the Grape Jelly colorway. My friend is a self-proclaimed "lover of ALL things purple", and this should fit the bill. The photo does not do the yarn justice at all. It appears almost fuschia in the photo, and in real life it is almost a solid grape jelly purple with a hint of lighter purple here and there that is not quite lavender. As this colorway is already screaming hot, I will probably add beads at the cuff to finish the electric look.

Next, I want to knit at least one, and two if possible, Christmas stockings for my two nieces. I am using the Holly pattern from Annie's Woolens. I have knit a ton of socks, but never a Christmas stocking, and I have no idea how long this will take - that is where the concern for knitting one or two before Christmas comes into play. If all else fails, the eldest niece will get hers first, and the youngest the following year.
Initially, I had ordered some Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks for the stockings, but I just couldn't feel the love for that yarn. The colors were off, and it just did not feel like anything that the kiddos would keep and treasure all of their lives, as I hope they will with the new yarn. With that being said, it's not my fault that I had to go out and forage for more yarn yesterday... There might have been one, two, or possibly six (ahem, but who's counting) skeins of sock yarn that followed me home this weekend in addition to the new yarn for the stockings.

The sock yarn is Claudia, and from top to bottom the colors are: John B., Butter Pecan, and Jungle. To the right is the yarn for the stockings that I got this weekend. The hunter's green and ivory are from Galway, and the bottom wound hank is Cascade 220 in The Heathers line. Per the Yarn Shop and More, Galway and Cascade 220 are "the exact same yarn". The Yarn Shop and More even claims that they are made in the same factory. I have never heard this, but there a ton of things that I have not heard...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Put Me on the Short Bus and Send Me to Lace Town...

I will admit, I was a little slow on the uptake when it came to lace knitting. Between the two yarns, I think I snatched it out it eight times. I guess nine is the magic number. I think I am getting the hang of it thanks to the life line, stitch markers, and a great deal of hyperventilating.

The arm of the sofa seemed just right for pinning the end piece out for inspection.

All jokes aside, it is coming along, just SLOWLY... This isn't my stuck in molasses slow from last time, this is the knit 40 rows move ahead half an inch slow. Not really, but it seems like it.

The unblocked version of a lace projects is definitely nothing to write home about. I am hoping for better photos once it is blocked. Also, the actual color is way less pink, more of a smoky purple and a navy with only a tiny bit of pink. My camera tends to lie. I think it's in cahoots with my bathroom scales...

I also have a concern about the blocked size. I think it is going to be just about 12 inches or so in width, and I am hoping that will give me a similar result to the pattern's photo.

I think this pattern (Clementine Shawlette) was an afterthought in Interweave Knits magazine as it did not receive much in the way of good photos.

Also, great news for me, maybe not so much for other folks. One of my guilty secrets is that I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan (the television show, not the movie). I recently found a Buffy KAL that is active and very current. I am yet to contribute, but I fully intend to. Once I can figure a reasonable link from episodes to projects.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Somehow, I am Stuck on Slow...

You know how some projects just fly by, just blink and they are done? Well, this isn't one of them. The pattern is another one from Wildhorse Farm Designs, and it is the Berry Basket Socks pattern. It is turning out to be really nice, and I like the colorway I am working with (Baby Blues). I am knitting it with Panda Cotton, which I quite enjoy, but this project is moving at the speed of molasses.
Incidentally, Panda Cotton is a bit more difficult to bead than wool, but not too tough.

I just can't seem to get in the groove for this project. I have definitely put the time in on it, and it just isn't coming together the way I would like.

The progress on this has been so slow that even my knitting supervisor came to see if she could suggest something...

Incidentally, I have plans! This is not the time to daudle! I have the impending shawl (Clementine Shawlette) to revive, and I have already wound the yarn for that. Also, I need to knit something for a girlfriend's birthday in August, although I have not a clue what that will be. Hmmm, maybe a nice shawl...

It is now June, and CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! Just last weekend, I had the idea that each one of my nieces should have an heirloom Christmas stocking. Where the top row of holly is, just under the ribbing, the pattern allows for a name to be placed there, which I probably will do. This whole heirloom stocking idea might have been better reserved for February or March... At any rate, I bought the pattern from a LYS, and ordered the yarn from Knit Picks. However, I may only knit one a year as they look somewhat involved.

Time's a wastin' - off to knit.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Shawl Passed Away...

Could we have a moment of silence for the dearly, or not so dearly, departed shawl...

The wretched little shawl reverted back to its wicked ways, and it had to be frogged. It was such a final death, that I even returned the unusued portion of yarn back to The Studio... This was not because I hate the pattern or lace knitting for that matter, it was the yarn that I did not care for.

Merriam-Webster lists one definition of progress to be forward or onward movement. In my own self-negotiating way, I suppose there may be a smidge of progress in regards to the shawl - but in a very abstract way...

From that I experience, I have learned a few things. I can knit lace, as well as read charts, and I will pick up the project again, but in another yarn. I have heard many knitters extole the virtues of alpaca yarn. I unfortunately am not one of them. I hate the hairy, albeit mild, quality that alpaca yarn has. In fact, I pretty much hate all hairy yarn, chief among them being mohair!

I think I am going to try the shawl again in a fingering weight yarn (once the socks are done), and maybe even in Trekking as I have a great big skein of purple that has been crying to come out of my stash drawer. Yes, just one drawer. I am not pitiful, that is just how I maintain my work flow and manage my yarn budget.

To comfort myself, I have started a sock (aren't you all surprised???) in Panda Cotton. I have read that some knitters just loathe that yarn as they feel like it is way too splitty. I have not really had much trouble with it, but you do have to pay attention.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Damn, Damn, Double Damn!!!

I am just about to rip out this damned shawl for the fifth (YES, FIFTH) time, and I have come to a conclusion...

If we (the shawl and I) can't get our act together, it is going to be either it or me, and I like ME better.

With my naturally forgiving nature, I will give it one more chance before it has to go to shawl heaven...

Monday, May 21, 2007

I Don't Suppose Anyone Has Actually Died From Knitting Lace...

I keep remembering the lace on the sleeves for DMS that nearly made me mental, and I find myself wondering why I wanted to knit a lace shawl???

I am going to take a deep breath and jump in. The shawl is from Interweave Knits latest edition, and it is the Clementine Shawlette. I am using the Blue Sky silk/alpaca listed in the pattern, and I am using Mocha/122.

Dear Lord,

Wish me luck, and please make sure my Addi needles go to a good home if I don't survive this project. Amen.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

To Meme or Not to Meme, That is the Question...

I looked at my comments yesterday and discovered that I had been tagged by someone who has read my blog. While I am a team player, I am definitely a negotiator at heart. Here are my terms. I will do approximately 50% of the request, and we will call it good. I will answer the questions, but let the tagged decide who they are instead of me tagging them. I know people are busy, so participation is the most fun when it is not coerced.

Here are the tag rules (of which I have totally disregarded and/or made up my own):
  1. Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves.

  2. Those tagged need to write on their blog the 7 facts as well as the rules of the game.

  3. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog - or rewrite the rules as I did (heh!)

4. You have to leave those you are tagging a note in their comments so they know they have been tagged to read your blog.

Seven Random Facts:

1. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

2. I am comfortable being by myself.

3. Fall is my favorite time of year.

4. I have always loved magical things.

5. I recently purchased an MP3 player, and I love to download books and listen while I knit.
(Thanks, Grandma)

6. I have recently discovered that I am probably a very boring person, but I am comfortable
enough with myself not to care...

7. I hate rudeness. I try never to display it, and dislike it in others.

NOTE: If you feel that you have been tagged, then be tagged. If not, maybe next time.

Now that that little chore is complete, on to the knitting news. I am nearing the finish line for suprise surprise, another pair of socks. This is the first time I have tried lace knitting for socks. The pattern is from Wildhorse Farms (Savannah), and the pattern is pretty easy. I did use an eye of partridge heel with a little modifcation here and there instead of the pattern's heel, but I like the effect. The yarn is Jitterbug, made by Colinette, and the color Toscana. My stitch count is correct, but the yarn feels and looks the slightest bit FIRM. They stitch pattern is really pretty, but I think this pair will be reserved for cool fall or cold winter days.

I think the time has come for me to get some sock blockers for my photos. The little cardboard set I cut out just doesn't really do it for me...

I think Karen has some really nice wood sock blockers from The Loopy Ewe. Take a peek at hers back in the archives.

Happy knitting!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fun, Felting, and My Favorite Author...

I have had a lot of fun this week. I have lived in fear of entrelac for years, and this week I have finally arrived!!! I conquered my fears, jumped in, and knit like there was no tomorrow. The pattern is from a company called Knitability, and I used Brown Sheep yarn. This was also my first attempt at changing/designing my own color scheme. I am not entirely happy with it, but it is a start.

The first picture is the before shot. This was so big I could have worn it as a skirt!

I am not a fan of the felting process, but I do enjoy the finished results. The smell and feel of wet wool is not something I look for on a day to day basis. The pattern did direct me to make button holes and insert the grommets, but that did not work at all. I resorted to brut force, and stabbed holes with a phillips (ha ha) screwdriver, and snipped a little teeny bit with scissors. I made the holes so they would be snug around the grommets. That being said, I think it turned out okay.

Also, this week I got to meet my favorite author (Charlaine Harris), and have her sign her newest book that came out on 05/01/2007. She writes the Southern Vampire Series, also called the Sookie Stackhouse books. She was a complete delight, and I enjoyed meeting her. She was even gracious enough to allow me to have my picture taken with her. Charlaine is seated, and I am the star struck fan standing beside her. My clothes are a little too baggy, but I have lost some weight, and nothing from the bra out fits quite right. I have always liked a "comfort zone" in my clothes, and have hated tight clothes all my life as I fear I might look a little too much like a sausage if I were to wear snug clothing! At any rate, baggy or not, I was thrilled with the opportunity to meet Charlaine!

As you can see above, I have the newest book in my clutches. I am off to read now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I've been a bad, bad blogger...

Okay, okay, I get it. The postings have been few and far between. Tardy does not even begin to cover a two month hiatus from blogging. In my defense, I've been sooo busy...

I have not slacked off on the knitting however, and I have knit several pairs of socks.

Before you ask, I did knit both socks. I realize my follow through on posting makes me a little suspect in this area.

This is the Pennlyn sock pattern from Wildhorse Farm Designs (I did use a different heel and toe though).

This sock was knit with CTH Spring Frost with green beads with a gold center just below the ribbing cuff. (Thank you Debi for the bead tutorial.)
As you can tell, I have been much enamored with the Pennlyn sock pattern, and used it for both of the next two pairs as well.

This pair was knit for my DMS who has yet to take receipt of them. They were knit with Claudia Hand Painted Yarn (Freesia) - no beads as they were kind of loud all on their own...

This pair (now finished of course) was knit with Claudia Hand Painted Yarn as well. This may be my favorite pair of socks I have ever knit. They now belong to a friend at work. It made my little heart sing to find out that she loves themas much as I do! They have beads just below the ribbing cuff, and the bead color is called "tropicana".

The yarn color is Sherbet, and I am definitely going to have to order some for myself.

(I got all of my Claudie at Loopy Ewe as I love to get packages in the mail...)

I have also started on my Christmas knitting - for the little gifts that are nice just to let someone know that you thought of them, and hope they have a happy holiday season. I am using up my sock yarn left overs by knitting mini socks. I got the pattern from the Loopy Ewe.

I am a little bit socked out right now, and I am trying something new. I have seen both spellings, so I do not know which is correct. I am doing a felted (entreloc or entrelac?) back pack in fall colors. I am on the third tier, and will take pictures when complete. Unfelted (entreloc or entrelac?) doesn't look like such big whoop, but I have it on good authority that it will whip itself into shape once felted.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Holy Crap! I Have Loose Balls!!!

Loose balls, that was all I needed...

Before you get you knickers in a twist, the balls I speak of are the yarn balls wound on my very own swift and ball winder. Worse yet, I have uneven, loose balls...

To all the knitting geniuses (or is is geniusi) in the world - how in the world do you get nice compact, firmly wound yarn balls that are the same size every time???

On a happier, less screaming kind of note, more Claudia Handpainted yarn. I am going to make the scale skin socks that FKD posted a while back. I will also be beading them - thank you Debi!!! The picture made the pinks look much brighter than they are, it is really very soft and delicate. The color is Pink Clouds, and it may be my favorite yarn so far...

I am almost done with a pair of socks (photos once they are finished) knit with CTH in the Pennlyn Pattern from Wildhorse Farm Designs complete with beading. FKD gave a great tutorial on beading with a crochet hook, and with that I was able to do it in a snap!

Finally, the knitting supervisor in repose...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dear Hubby Put My Knitting Needles To Sleep...

DH (Dear Hubby) is a fine husband, friend, and all around good guy. However, and yes there is a however, he is possibly the most boring person on the planet to knit for... I adore color - bright, soft, loud, subtle, and God forgive me, even metallic colors... I also love small delicate patterning, as well as things that are big and bold. That might give you a hint how DH feels about patterning in his knitted items - you guessed it, he wants things "just knitted, no loud color, no patterning, just simple". The man does have an image you know - as I have been told many times.

Thus, the sleeping knitting needles now present their latest accomplishments...

The socks were made from my teeny, almost non-existent stash drawer with Fortissima yarn. This yarn is just okay. It is a little bit scratchy, not very stretchy, and oh so plain. DH loves it!

If he loves them, I am glad. He is the one who has to wear them...

The hat looks like it is great big, and it kind of is, but it fits DH's head perfectly, and he doesn't like hats that squeeze his head. Once again, no pattern, just black, and for God's sake, NO POM POM! This yarn was actually wonderful to knit with, and it feels very nice too. It is from Karabella, and it is from the Soft Tweed line. I knew I had to work in tiny flecks of color somewhere - he would not even allow a stripe!

FKD knits beautiful socks, and she always has the best yarn. She recently recommended The Loopy Ewe, and it is as wonderful as she said it was. It is a totally on-line yarn shop with the absolute best customer service, quick shipping, and a nice selection of yarn as well. FKD introduced me to the Claudia Hand Painted Yarn, and there is nothing "just okay" about this yarn. It looks and feels great, and thank you Jesus it has COLOR! I can't wait to knit the socks that this yarn will become...

Lastly, the puffed heart. This appeared most recently in the Holiday Edition of Interweave Knits. It is knit with Koigu, and stuffed with lavendar potpourri.