Friday, December 14, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Debi of FKD has recently posted a list of her favorite things, and kindly charged her readers to post a few of their own favorite things. I absolutely love that idea, and cheerfully challenge anyone who reads this to post their favorite things! Here is a list of things that I really enjoy:

FALL/HALLOWEEN - Fall is hands down my favorite time of the year with the colors, kids going back in school, and the anticipation of the holidays - it's for me! I really enjoy Halloween decorations and spooky things. This includes movies with a nod towards vampires and witches, but not so much with the gore, and the same for books.

CAREN ET CIE HAND TREATMENT - The hand cream in the tube/pump bottle with the blue label is my personal favorite hand cream. The blue scent is baby powder, and it combats the harsh soap at the hospital where I work. It is a little bit pricey, but completely worth it!

LONG AND PRETTY MASCARA - Clinique makes my favorite mascara (Long Pretty Lashes Mascara is the full name). I am not a fan of thick, fat, and clumpy lashes, but rather a long and feathery look. It doesn't flake, and rarely smudges.

SOOKIE STACKHOUSE/SOUTHERN VAMPIRE SERIES - Charlaine Harris writes my favorite series of books, The Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Series. Her characters are so real it makes you feel as if you actually know them.

CASH IN THE ATTIC/BARGAIN HUNT - The BBC America channel has become my new favorite for the shows Cash in the Attic and Bargain Hunt.

OMEGA PAW LITTER BOX - This is a funny thing to be a fave, but anything that makes changing the litter box easy is going to make it onto my list. It uses clumping litter, and all you do is roll it over onto its top (no litter or anything else falls out when you do this), tap the floor, roll it back over to shift the litter back in place. Lastly, pull out the drawer with an easy to use handle and dump the contents into a bag. It is dirt simple, and nothing ever touches your hands. EASY PEASY!!!

Natty has favorites too, and they include hair bands, and anything that can be stolen out of the knitting bag!


Debi said...

Cool list! I love knowing the stuff that other people really enjoy!

KnitNana said...

Hmmm...I'll put that handcream on my list to try!

ChelleC said...

Me too, I'll try to find that hand cream.

Thanks to Deb, I made my own list over on my blog too! Just put it up last night.

I also want to find that Charlane Harris vampire book series. Sounds good.

ChelleC said...

PS - you live in OP KS? I live in Lee's Summit. I'm ChelleC on Ravelry. Do we know one another? I don't think so. But wow, you live close.