Sunday, July 31, 2005

More life and less knitting makes for a bitchy girl...

I haven't even started the sweater/gift for DS yet as I am still trying to knit the socks for DH. I got about half way through the first sock and started over. The remake is coming along very nicely with the results I hoped for, along with a modification that I added myself (I made the ribbing a little deeper for extra support) so that DH would acually wear them. Mentally, I can't start the project for DS until the project for DH is complete. Not that DH's project is so special, but once I have started something I will strive to finish it. I have DM to thank for that rationale, of course now she has changed her rationale to if you don't like it, don't finish, and just throw it out... That is a BIG statement from the woman that won't eat a $6 cheeseburger for a fear of waste and spendiness.

Today, we got to St. Louis to spend the night so DH can meet with corporate first thing tomorrow morning to find out if he is being transferred to another region, or if we are staying here. Maybe I can knit in the car on the way up, it's just I-70 and a straight shot. I will hope for the best. I will whine about the move later, today it just isn't on the schedule. In fact, I will whine about everything later, gotta run.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

When life gets in the way of knitting...

God! Today was a doozie and a half! DH and I are winding up the ugly details of the business he closed, and it is just one hurtle after another, so that jumped right into the middle of knitting time today. Of course, work likes to get in the way of knitting too, but work is like a jealous child always shouting, "Me first, me first!". The closest I came to knitting today was reading a lovely book (but only for 15 minutes) that incorporates knitting into a murder mystery. That's the ticket, sleuthing and knitting - not a bit of phone calling, errands on a hot day, dusting, or even unloading the dishwasher, and especially not laundry! That would be lovely, not that I want someone to die, but if they are dead anyway, I could cast a side the domestic chores, solve the case, and work in some knitting as well... Now that the whine is nearly over, I must focus my thought on other things. I would like to finish the socks for DH before I start the sweater for sister. That being said, hi ho knitting, socks await!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Let the new project begin

I am getting ready to start a brand new project, a sweater that is a gift for my sister. This is part of the gift I gave her for graduating from nursing school. I am not sure how glad she is to get a knitted sweater from her sister, but I am hoping this really pleases her. She is a little bit mean, so there is no telling... It may just be the sound of "home made sweater" that frightens her as I have not been knitting all that long, or it may just be that she is mean. Only time will tell.

I got the yarn at the studio, as well as the pattern, and I am a little nervous about the pattern. The pattern DS picked out is somewhat intimidating, was as the self-proclaimed "knitting hussy", I am planning to rise to the challenge.

Maiden chronicle from the Knittinghussy

I have fortunately or unfortunately become a self-proclaimed knittyhussy. I have become obsessed with knitting, and most of my thoughts and schemes are related either directly or indirectly to knitting, or the socializing associated with knitting. Unfortunately, my other tasks (housework, errands, etc.) are done while grumbling that this is stealing time from my precious knitting, although I don't have a great deal of talent or skill yet with knitting, I have to covet the skill and creativeness of others in the great sport of knitting.

Yes! Knitting is a sport. You can do it in groups or alone. It can be done to win a prize, or just for the joy of it. You can acquire all kinds of equipment to accesorize yourself for the sport of knitting, and lastly there are sport injuries related to knitting - the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome, tight muscles, etc...

My most recent rant in re: to knitting is that I haven't found a group to knit with since I have moved south of the river in Kansas City. I would like to meet other knitters who are similarly obsessed with the joy of knitting and the social interaction that accompanies this. Since I am listing my wishes, I would also like to meet twice a month, or maybe even every week, but definitely on a Monday, and during the daytime for sure. There are several groups in the area, but none fit my schedule, and since I am on a rant, I can be self-centered.

This whole blogging thing is new to me, but since it is in re: to knitting, I will give it a whirl.

Now I shew myself away from the keyboard to complete my drudgely tasks so that I may go to the yarn shop in peace.