Tuesday, July 26, 2005

When life gets in the way of knitting...

God! Today was a doozie and a half! DH and I are winding up the ugly details of the business he closed, and it is just one hurtle after another, so that jumped right into the middle of knitting time today. Of course, work likes to get in the way of knitting too, but work is like a jealous child always shouting, "Me first, me first!". The closest I came to knitting today was reading a lovely book (but only for 15 minutes) that incorporates knitting into a murder mystery. That's the ticket, sleuthing and knitting - not a bit of phone calling, errands on a hot day, dusting, or even unloading the dishwasher, and especially not laundry! That would be lovely, not that I want someone to die, but if they are dead anyway, I could cast a side the domestic chores, solve the case, and work in some knitting as well... Now that the whine is nearly over, I must focus my thought on other things. I would like to finish the socks for DH before I start the sweater for sister. That being said, hi ho knitting, socks await!

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