Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shortly Has Arrived...

NOTE: Photo heavy post.

In my last post, I mentioned that regular postings and lots of knitting would "return shortly". In the past day or so, some weisenheimer called me on the "shortly" reference and asked when that would be??? The answer is that "shortly" is a relative term, kind of like when you your mother says, "we'll see..."

I have been knitting (quite a lot), just not posting about it. I have a variety of reasons, none of which seem to hold up in the Court of Mom, but still valid in my world none the less. Without further ado, the aforepromised knitting post. Drum roll please (((brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr))))...

These are the dishcloths that I knit for various Christmas gifts, and also the pair of footy/slippers that I knit for a friend so that she could give them to her grandson for Christmas. Sorry about the blurriness, this was before Cheryl helped me with my camera.

The round dishcloths were threaded with satin ribbon, filled with a surprise, and turned into this.

For three ladies that I work with, I knit them book marks. It is the diamond lace bookmark pattern, knit from Lanett, a Sandnesgarn yarn that is 100% merino. They were a deep red, but very Christmas-appropriate. As you can see, they blocked out pretty well.

Christmas morning at my home looked like this.

These are the Flower Power Elephants. I have not yet embroidered the daisies on them, and may not as the previous attempts have looked somewhat out of focus. If the daisies are not going to turn out crisp, I see no point.

I am currently working on the Party Penguins by Alan Dart, and I hope to have a few done in rather short order.

I received two gift certificates from Mike for Christmas to The Yarn Shop and More and The Studio.

We had Christmas with my side of the family on 12/19/2008 at my sister Cristy's house, and this is a picture of Cheryl, me, Cristy, and Mom. My mother says that my clothes are all still a mile too big, and since this photo I have bought some clothes that are several sizes smaller. I still hate to see myself in photos; however, it doesn't help that I am standing near all these skinny hussies. I think I always look like the tard that gets let out of the institution for holidays in pictures...

I have discovered that I am highly sensitive if not allergic to mohair, and that was a bummer as I really wanted to make the Ice Queen project, but it wasn't to be. However, my mother's Ice Queen came out beautifully.

I will have more pictures later on as soon as all the gifts for friends are opened. As far as when, "don't ask me any questions!" Can you guess who says this to me?

One guess where this direct quote comes from...
Lastly, I have started selling Avon. Not to worry, Avon ladies are not set for the attack mode like the Mary Kay ladies. If you have an interest or use Avon, I have a webpage that can be found at:
On this site, you may pay with debit or credit card, and I also have the ability to take debit and credit cards. The site is good for convenience if you don't have a book, but I still prefer to flip through the pages. Sometimes Avon runs free shipping deals, but otherwise be sure to mark "Free Rep Delivery" so you do not get charged an extra fee.