Thursday, October 27, 2005

Come on Thanksgiving!!!

I have set a rather lofty goal for myself, lofty in that I have three jobs, I am trying to knit a sweater, have it finished, assembled, and presented by Thanksgiving Day, or even a few days before. What is wrong with me??? (Note to all readers: This is rhetorical - no answers please.)

Even though DMS said that knitting was "slow and dumb", I think she will like this - or she can just lie and tell me she does, that will be fine too. Either way she is going to wear it!!!

No more time to write and reflect, the knitting awaits!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hello turbo, goodbye bamboo...

Do crazy people know they are crazy? My guess would be no, and therefore I must not be crazy for shunning the Addi turbo needles all this time. I ranted, raved, and turned the air blue the first time I tried the Addi's and swore out vengence on the poor soul who sold them to me, and then along came the project for DMS. The yarn is lovely, and I don't want to irritate it. However, the yarn has a personality of its own, and it HATES the bamboo needles!!! DM suggested that I try metal, I of course grumbled, but thought I might have some in my stash somewhere... (Somewhere = the stash of knitting goods that DH knows nothing about.)

I found the needles, and much to my horror they were the damn Addi turbo needles that almost caused me to take a life last winter, and then I decided to give them a try. I did have a few screaming mishaps in the beginning, but now I am breezing right along. I hate it when DM is right about everything, but damn if she wasn't about this too. I love those slipperly little devils now. I may never return to the bamboo. They are possibly just too "grabby" for me now.

I am even coming along with the evil open work on DMS's pattern, and it is 100% on gauge. Yea on me is what I say! Thank God I didn't actually do the woman in who sold me the set of Addis that I gave away, and thank God I am a compulsive buyer and get multiples of everything. After the former experience, I would have NEVER bought more of those turbos, but since I had them, and since DM likes them, I thought I would give them another whirl. From here on out, I am going to spread the Addi gospel.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Way Cool Yarn for DMS's Sweater

I knew I had selected nice yarn for DMS's sweater/gift, but I have never knit with the Plymouth Sunset yarn before. You have to be really careful not to split it, but it feels so wonderful. The gauge swatch even felt great. I got that yarn at The Studio, and they may have become my favorite knitting shop in the area now (raspberries to the old crabbies).

I have yet another new knitting group to attend next week, and I have high hopes as it is at my favorite library, and the head librarian participates in the group herself. This group meets only once a month, maybe I can prevail upon them to meet every other week...

Lastly, I want my blog to be enjoyable experience for myself, and to any people that take time to read about my rantings, the love of knitting, or even if you just have too much free time and you are looking for something to fill that space. This brings me to the newest rant. If you love all things about knitting, keep visiting this blog. If you like reading what a pain in the ass writes, keep visiting this blog. If you are just bored and killing time, God bless you - welcome back! If you are one of the freaky deakies who keeps posting advertisements to sell things in the comments section on my blog - QUIT IT ALREADY!!! Unless you give away free knitting supplies, and possibly chocolate I will never use any service that slinks onto my comment section. That is way sleazy, and keep slitherin' buckos! In the spirit of this blog, I say KNIT OFF!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Finish Line - Cheer, Cheer, Cheer!!!

The last of the sock yarn has been wound into a ball (we definitely don't want to run out), the knitting needles were hot, and Natty and I were neck and neck to see who could get to the knitting bag first. I am done with work for the day, and the damn cat has been marshalling her energy so she can race me to the knitting. The pint-sized hussy beat me to the bag, but at least she can't work the zipper - well, not on this bag, and not yet...

The race being run, and with knitting only inches away, I have to decide whether to finish the last sock, or take it to the new knitting group I joined that meets tonight. I could take the sock and finish there, or I could bring something to start a new project. DH is even planning to wear the socks - whoda thunkit?

I have a knitting conundrum. I want to knit the French market bag next for my mother so I can see how it turns out, but I owe DMS (dear mean sister - only partially kidding) her sweater, and I want her to be able to wear it this Winter. I have gotten very backlogged (DM's phrase), and now I am stuck. Oh yea, part two to the condundrum would be I now cannot find the pattern for DMS's sweater. I know I have it. I showed it to her on Sunday, and where the heck it is I have not a clue! ARGH!!!!

I better get some chores done, and look for that pattern AGAIN. If I find it, maybe I will take it to the knitting group tonight, if not the sock will definitely cross the finish line there instead of at home. Another FINISHED project - Yea on me! I am going to try to learn how to upload pictures of my knitting to post - no promises, just a thought.