Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hello turbo, goodbye bamboo...

Do crazy people know they are crazy? My guess would be no, and therefore I must not be crazy for shunning the Addi turbo needles all this time. I ranted, raved, and turned the air blue the first time I tried the Addi's and swore out vengence on the poor soul who sold them to me, and then along came the project for DMS. The yarn is lovely, and I don't want to irritate it. However, the yarn has a personality of its own, and it HATES the bamboo needles!!! DM suggested that I try metal, I of course grumbled, but thought I might have some in my stash somewhere... (Somewhere = the stash of knitting goods that DH knows nothing about.)

I found the needles, and much to my horror they were the damn Addi turbo needles that almost caused me to take a life last winter, and then I decided to give them a try. I did have a few screaming mishaps in the beginning, but now I am breezing right along. I hate it when DM is right about everything, but damn if she wasn't about this too. I love those slipperly little devils now. I may never return to the bamboo. They are possibly just too "grabby" for me now.

I am even coming along with the evil open work on DMS's pattern, and it is 100% on gauge. Yea on me is what I say! Thank God I didn't actually do the woman in who sold me the set of Addis that I gave away, and thank God I am a compulsive buyer and get multiples of everything. After the former experience, I would have NEVER bought more of those turbos, but since I had them, and since DM likes them, I thought I would give them another whirl. From here on out, I am going to spread the Addi gospel.

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