Thursday, October 27, 2005

Come on Thanksgiving!!!

I have set a rather lofty goal for myself, lofty in that I have three jobs, I am trying to knit a sweater, have it finished, assembled, and presented by Thanksgiving Day, or even a few days before. What is wrong with me??? (Note to all readers: This is rhetorical - no answers please.)

Even though DMS said that knitting was "slow and dumb", I think she will like this - or she can just lie and tell me she does, that will be fine too. Either way she is going to wear it!!!

No more time to write and reflect, the knitting awaits!!!

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Cristy Rutter-Chu said...

Why Turkey Day? You know, Christmas and my B-day are also up and coming and wouldn't stress you out as much. CRAP!! Does this mean you'll be expecting a Turkey Day gift from me,now?