Saturday, February 28, 2009

Down With The Little People!!!

The cursed little people in question are the leprechauns that I have been attempting to complete - for what seems like eternity. The assembly process of these little devils is quite complex (even for my taste), and I am feeling somewhat, no wait, openly hostile towards them.

This is likely due to the fact that I am making two at once, and I do realize that this is a mistake of my own doing. I will say they are going to be double cute, but I have grown weary of them none the less. The assembly process is winding down, and the project has been grounded to home assembly so as not to lose any of the pieces.

In the interim, I have been working on the Lucy Bag for a friend's granddaughter. So far, this pattern seems pretty easy, although I am questioning some of the verbage at the post-felting point.

I will try to post pics this weekend of the little Irish men sometime tomorrow if possible, and I leave you with a final and heart felt thought.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Party at the Chu's

The Friday night before Valentine's Day (aka Valentine's Eve), I went to my sister's house so that I could do Valentine's Day crafts with her girls, and so we could all have pizza together. We forgot to take pictures of the pink and red yarn octopi that we made, but I did get a picture of everyone with their red yarn Valentine's wig on.

We even made a wig for Max, who was somewhat less than thrilled, but still a pretty good sport...

The only thing I have to knit on the leprechauns are one last arm and the two top hats. I am having trouble finding the little plastic pots that are sold as pots for gold around St. Patrick's Day. I have found a fairly large size, but the size I am looking for is about the size of a small apple - anyone seen any of those of late?

Monday, February 16, 2009

007 Versus Dr. Zaius

The aformentioned "object" is the Presto Chango sweater, and was knit in Wild Horse Fantasy in a color called FA-99. Don't you wish the yarn companies would give you names rather than numbers??? There is something so off-putting about just having a number.

At any rate, the color is a pretty true cinnamon. I made the 6 month size, and it came out to gauge, but this is a VERY generous 6 month size as you can see - but I guess that means more wear time for the kid. This was knit for a friend's new baby named Guy who was born 12/26/2008.

Natty voluntarily tried on this sweater, but I neglected to get a pic. Guy's mother, not wanting her cat to be outdone, considered trying the sweater on one of her cats (Dr. Zaius), but opted for just a photo of him near the sweater lest he remove an arm for the indignity...

Is it just me, or does Guy have the same look on his face that Dr. Zaius has about trying on the sweater?

I am working on the leprechauns - yes two of them. I can explain. It's just that Mike never is really excited about my knitting, and when he said he would like to have one I lost my head and started making one for his station at school, and one or my office. I should have thought this through a little more carefully as these are hands down some of the fussiest items on the planet. In fact, this leprechaun thing is a whole lot like work, which is not what I had planned for myself at all!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

OO7 Knits Again...

I am nearly finished with a, er, uh, an object - yea that's it, an OBJECT. This is a gift for a friend, and she sometimes reads my blog - no clues or pics until the gift has been received. She doesn't even know I am making anything for her, and that is why I am knitting/blogging in 007 mode.

I can't decide what my next project will be. I usually know three projects in advance what I will be making next, but after my last nine projects being for other people I am a little giddy at the prospect of knitting something for myself...

I am trying NOT to knit socks between now and the end of April as I am going to the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling with my mom.

Some of the things I am considering in the meantime are:

Hococo the Lemur - Alan Dart
Jack Frost - Alan Dart - no picture available yet as it was published in Simply Knitting.
Leprechaun- Alan Dart
Witch and Cat - Alan Dart - I am thinking in orange and black with some sparkles worked in somehow...
Dickensian Party Mice - Alan Dart
Mr. and Mrs. Christmas - Alan Dart
Initial Imps - Alan Dart
Pepto & Tums - Mochimochi - maybe just Tums
Boo - Mochimochi

I also could finish the clothes for my Prairie Harze, but they might still be hibernating through winter...

I will leave you with my most recent and favorite quote that I have discovered:

Excuse me, I have work to do.
Evil plots do not make themselves...