Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham, Alas I Might Be Sam I am...

As you might have guessed, I am not always the one in the crowd beating the drum for new things. I like things in my world, including my knitting, to be the way I know them. Change is for the wicked... The "comfort zone" is a big deal to me, and tonight I jumped out of the comfort zone with both feet because I do want to learn new things about knitting. This was the first knitting class for the modular socks. I think in reality they are called diamond patch socks. They are from a company called Heartland Knits. This was a hard class, and I have knit several pair of socks before. I am sore from my shoulders to my knees after knitting those little mitred squares of hate.

Being the person I am, I like to get to class early so I may select my seat, and not just sit anywhere that is left. I have all of my requisite items neatly on the table in front of me, and something to take notes with. However, I am never blessed with the people that slide sideways into the seat beside me being quite as prepared. They want to come in late, loud, and appear to have little or no knowledge of knitting. This was supposed to be an advanced knitting class, and I was afraid I would slow the class down as I am not an advanced knitter, but I could complete all the "you should know how to do this prior to taking this class" tasks, so I signed up. Most of the other gals were nice, but I always get the joy of sitting by the loud gals that don't get much done - except being loud. I am all for having a good time, and my agenda does not have to be theirs, but if their constant chatter is keeping me from hearing or concentrating, I should be able to poke them with a knitting needle. One of theirs preferrably, I am knitting with mine!

I am really not a grouch, I like to visit and laugh, but can some people have to take over the whole class with totally non-knitting projects, or at least not the one we have all paid to learn.

Now that I have gotten a good whine in, back to knitting. I am knitting the modular socks out of Koigu. Once I have significant progress, I will post the Koigu in all of its modular glory.