Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gettin' My Fussy On!

Sheldon, currently known as the turtle of hate, is finished! This little fella definitely gave me the chance to embrace the fussy.

The instructions for the applied I-cord to assemble the attachment panel and the shell were at best extremely flawed, and I have made numerous projects with applied I-cord, so this is not a new skill for me. I decided to just use a mattress stitch after several failed attempts (and turning the air blue with profanity) because the instructions were not panning out. This is a free pattern from Knitty, so I can't really fuss too much, but it was a challenge.

Linda and Christy have taunted me that I am not able to make just one of any given item, and so the gauntlet has been thrown down. I am pleased to report that I have risen to that challenge. I will only be making one of these horrid little turtles.

He is cute, but way, way too much trouble to EVER repeat this pattern. I have seen on Ravelry that lots of folks made several Sheldons - all I can say is there is no explaining crazy...

The Designer Sport yarn worked well as it is very soft, and I did not stuff him too full so that he would stay snuggly.

I am not entirely pleased with the eyes, but they are embroidered on so that little fingers cannot snatch off an eye and swallow any small pieces.

Tomorrow is my nephew's first birthday, but I will be delivering Sheldon the Horrible a few days late. It's kind of early, but Happy Birthday, Max! Aunt Terri loves you.


jokir said...

aha!  The fussy hussy strikes again!

Debi said...

Sheldon is adorable and worth every fussy stitch, I think :)

Happy New Year Terri!

Linda said...

He is soooo cute...you've made me want to try to make toys again. Can I borrow some of your fusiness? ;)

I predict that this will *not* be the only Sheldon you make - there will be other nieces/nephews that also will want one when they see how cute he is.

Christy said...

Muahaha...Turtle of hate. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I had similar problems with Norberta, the baby dragon pattern in knitty. Fussy, and then there's no way I could get her gauge, and no way in hell that the spines would fit. The front and back have differing numbers of stitches, so you end up catching 2 sometimes, and 1 others, and 3 if you're totally off. Full disclosure: I have knit 2 of them, and part of a scaled-down third, but have given up because there's NO way in hell the pieces will ever fit.

That's kinda why I didn't want to do sheldon, because although I like knitting toys, I like knitting toys that fit together, and whose instructions are clear.

Beth said...

Well, he's very cute, but knitting is indeed supposed to be fun, so I'm voting for something easy next!

Beth said...

Thank you so much for the star pattern; I look forward to trying it on something...hmmm...like a pda case, perhaps...!?? Your case is going to be so beautiful; I can't wait to see it done.