Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't You Hate It When...

Don't you hate it when somebody posts pictures of you on their blog that you trusted them with??? Okay, I am the guilty party, but in a shameless plug for a dog sweater that started out in a book, and ended up on the needles to be something totally different that I designed myself I am posting some pictures that a friend entrusted me with.

The sweater is for my friend Carol's Chihuahua who is full grown and weighs less than three pounds. He came from an abusive home, and Carol and her hubby rescued him. He is so tiny and the cold is a real problem for him. He has a couple of little shirts, but doesn't care for them so much because he cannot tolerate things being pulled over his head because of the former abuse.

Hmmm. Abused and cold, that's all a knitter ever needs to hear to get the needles humming. This little sweater is only about seven inches long from cast on to cast off. It was knit with Lion Brand/Vanna's Choice Baby in the Goldfish colorway. It really is a dusty salmon color, and is cushiony and soft. The body of the sweater is in seed stitch so that it does not stretch out and get too big, and the edges have a three stitch garter rim.

Here is my friend Carol holding him. I crocheted (believe it or not) two little fastener loops and attached two black buttons.

The little Chihuahua's name is Uno, and apparently he runs the house. He is still pretty timid, but is working through his issues. Carol told me that he acted like he liked his new sweater because he marched around with it on, and snuggled down in it.

Carol and Uno, thanks for being such good sports and indulging me with photos!

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Christy said...

The sweater turned out well. Isn't it weird how much fun it is to see pictures of animals in knits?