Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Meet Willa and Floyd

Here are Willa and Floyd. As you might have guessed, Willa is a country witch, so she prefers to be on a first name basis only. She is currently looking for a good used broom with not too many miles on it, but realizes she may have to wait until fall to find a good deal.

Willa has curly hair that was baked on dowel rods. I realized after I started sewing on and trimming her curls that I must be a bit of a masochist in that I took an Alan Dart pattern and voluntarily made it HARDER!!!

I am still contemplating whether to knit her a very loose knit shawl, maybe like on size #17 needles so it looks kind old and tattered. or maybe a neck scarf as I am not crazy about the place where the neck joins the top of her blouse.

This was knit entirely from Plymouth Encore. Her bloomers are a deep red instead of white, and the rest is pretty much in traditional Halloween colorway. If I made another one, which I doubt, I would make her in rusts and mossy greens with some brown so that she could be a kitchen witch.

Unfortunately, pictures do not do her justice. She refused to sit still and behave.

Also, I gave her some bangs with the curls I trimmed off to soften her face a little bit. Floyd is a typical cat, and will look anywhere but at the camera when it is time for a picture.


jokir said...

Yours IS the best witch.  What a great job you did.

Beth said...

I think I like her sans shawl...might interfere with her beautiful curls...but we all know how "with it" I am about such style questions..... :)

CC said...

As much as I don't care for things of the witchy sort, I do like Willa. Especially her curls! ;)

A shawl might be nice, but she is quite cute as is.