Friday, June 20, 2008

The Swift May Not be So Swift After All...

I just received my Tom Bihn Swift today, and I may be the one and only person on the entire planet that is not thrilled to bits with this bag. For starters, I am not crazy about the color choices that were available, and I selected the cocoa and olive bag. It is just okay in person, but there are no other colors that are currently available that I would prefer over this. The one HUGE plus for the Swift is that it does allow my knitting/purse items to live in one bag. There are some things I really like about the Swift, but unfortunately there are just as many things that I do not care for about it as well. Before you ask, I am not going to return it. One bag functioning as a replacement for two is worth it - maybe...

This is the view from inside the bag.

This is the outside of the bag with the olive side showing. The brown side did not show up that well against my wallpaper and door.


1. The handles - they easily accommodate over the shoulder carrying.

2. The wide opening and no-snag closure.

3. The clear pockets with nice zippers.

4. The space within the bag is very nice.

5. The drape of the bag is also very nice.


1. The color choices available are very limited, and not something I would normally buy.

2. No exterior pockets. I knew this when I ordered, and thought the interior pockets would be more usable than they actually are. They make the bag sit in an odd way if I put my wallet in either one of them. No, I am not buying a new wallet.

3. I thought the whole bag would be lined, not just the clear plastic pockets. The unlined bottom feels kinda cheap for a $70 bag. This is not a cheap price in my opinion. I have admired a friend’s swift for a few months, but unfortunately I never took the time to dissect her bag the way I have my own - this is my fault.

4. The key strap was a purchase I made to use with my scissors. The clasp is so narrow that my little Fiscars cannot fit the jaw clamp. I like the scissors I have, and I am not buying a new pair.

5. I ordered two clear organizer pouches thinking I would love them - not so much… The colors they sent do not match my bag. I could return them, but that is a hassle, and I do not want to pay to ship them back for a return/exchange. Never mind the fact that UPS hates me and I hate them!

Overall, I feel that this bag may grow on me because I take my knitting to work every day, and now I can leave the house at O-dark-thirty with one bag instead two.

Maybe I am being too critical, but with my two clear pouches and key strap (they did not tell me that one key strap came with the bag) the total came to $94 including shipping. It took me a little while to save this money, and I expected to be quite a bit more enamored than I was at first blush.

I will confess that I feel somewhat guilty because most everyone else on-line, as well as my friend, seem to adore their Swifts from the second they took them out of the box. As I stated earlier, maybe the Swift will grow on me…


Beth said...

You are very brave for going out on a limb (bad metaphor, I's late and I'm tired!) to try something new. I have not bought a new bag precisely because I'm too durn picky. Hopefully the having-one-bag-instead-of-two advantage will help negate some of the disadvantages.

Janice said...

Bummer that you don't LOVE your bag. I hate when that happens (especially when I have gotten myself excited about a purchase!) thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog!! And can you believe I just walked in the door from a quick trip to Overland Park? (We were at a wedding there!) My first time to Kansas City, but not my last.