Sunday, June 15, 2008

Great Customer Service from Two Companies

A week ago last Friday, my favorite set of ebony wood Lantern Moon circs came apart while in the midst of a project. As you might imagine, an easily identifiable fit ensued. After I regained the power of speech and stopped shrieking, I had the presence of mind to speak with Lantern Moon's Customer Service Department.

For those of you that have not heard, Lantern Moon has changed their design so that this "coming apart" that has been experienced by many, many knitters is no more.

Long story short, after explaining to Lantern Moon what had happened to my needles, they gladly shipped me a set of #9 26 inch in ebony. I happened to mention that I had a second set, yet unused, and that I hoped that they did not have the same "coming apart" issue. To this, they suggested I give a yank on the set of #3 26 inch circs in rosewood. Sure enough, I heard a crack, and they were more than glad to send a replacement set for those as well.

What makes this such good customer service is that they did not wait to ship the replacements out until I shipped the defective sets back, but rather took me at my word and shipped two sets to me free of charge with an apology for my trouble. They in fact do not want me to send the defective needles back, and within five calendar days, Lantern Moon had the new circs in hands. I cannot tell you how happy I am with their level of customer service.

Thanks in no small part to the Knit Night Enabler, also know as Christy, I have ordered a knitting bag combination tote/purse so that I may exit my home with only one bag in tow. I take my knitting to work with me every day, and several other locations as well. This multiple bag issue has become tiresome, and I decided I needed this. I ordered the cocoa/olive version, and I am nearly beside myself waiting for it to arrive.

Another long story short, I had saved my money, and decided to splash out on said bag. I am a person who needs not be given too many choices lest I become confused. Of course there are several color options, and I absolutely became confused. The person at Tom Bihn was more than patient during my three week decision process whether to purchase or not to purchase, what colors were available, and finally helping me place the order. I was lucky enough to speak to Josh every time I called, and he was always very kind and patient with my multitude of questions. The really great part is that Tom Bihn's Customer Service Department has a Buffy fan on duty (the aforementioned Josh) who readily identified favorite episodes and seasons of BTVS by name. What more could a Buffy fan ask for???


Jane said...

Great customer service should always be lauded and passed along. How neat that Josh is a Buffy fan. I just ran across a series of books by Julie Kenner that are described as what might happen when Buffy grew up and became a soccer mom. The first is Carpe Demon and it's lots of fun.

Beth said...

Well, that's just pretty darn cool! And it's always fun to look forward to packages arriving in the mail, too!

jokir said...

So happy to see you posting. Cancel the FLACK for now. So when are you expecting the bag lady?

Jane said...

Hi, Terri.. To answer your question on my blog, I followed a link, liked the gnomes & added you to my BlogList.

CC said...

So it sounds like life is good! Glad to hear it.

Debi said...

Good for you on both counts Terri! The bag is yummy, enjoy it!