Friday, December 01, 2006

I Hate That Damn Sock!!!

PROBLEM #1: The sock has little to no stretch as it was knit on size 0 needles. My feet and ankles are wide, and this will never fit comfortably, and I do not like tight socks!

PROBLEM #2: According to the teacher in the class for the modular sock, "Gauge doesn't really work on this project. Just cast and on follow the instructions." I must tell you, GAUGE MATTERS!!! Also, said knitting teacher has very narrow feet and small ankles. Note to self - remember to hate her.

PROBLEM #3: For all the hooplah about how great and glorious Koigu is, I would like to officially say it's not such big whoop. I much prefer Cherry Tree Hill for the sheen and twist in the yarn. Some people think the two yarns are nearly twins. To them I say - NOT SO MUCH...


I hate that damn sock. I am not going to finish the pair. I am going to attempt to return to the two unused skeins of Koigu, and count the one skein I knitted with as a total loss. I am at the point where I am to pick up stitches and add the heel, as well as evening out the points at the toe, and then of course pick up stitches there and add the toe. I see no point to wasting knitting time on a project that I won't/can't wear. Even if this hateful thing did fit, I like socks that stretch, not a modular prison for me feet.

To add insult to injury, I can't even frog the sock as each modular piece was knit individually by picking up stitches, and then cut. I have included a photo so that all may embrace the horror. Even my DMS told me the sock "is the ugliest thing she has ever seen, and it looks like a frog poncho". I have never seen a frog with a poncho, but to that I say, let the frogs have it then...


Debi said...

I don't know if this is a good comment or a bad one but...I LOVE the colorway! And I think the sock is pretty cool! Is there no one you could give a finished sock to? It would make a killer gift for an adventurous sock wearer :)

Actually, Cherry Tree Hill and Koigu are "sort of" the same...both use Louet Gems as their base yarns, CTH uses Gems Pearl(fingering) and Koigu uses Gems Opal(light sport) This is also the base yarn for Claudia's Handpaint. Once the dyer purchases the base yarns from Louet they do have different dyeing/steaming processes which account for the different "feel" of two essentially identical yarns. Thus ends todays broadcast :)

La Cabeza Grande said...

Sorry about the super-sucky sock experience, Terri!

Normally I like greens, but this one speaks a bit too loudly for my taste. Frogs and ponchos. Hee!

Yarngirl said...

I had a sock conundrum myself not too long ago - I finally finished the pair up. They're not as nice a pattern as yours, but I'm glad they're done and destined to be gifted to someone else!