Monday, December 04, 2006

The Frog Poncho Lives!

I have decided to continue on with the aforementioned wretched sock, and its mate as well - much to my own chagrin, because one of the most accomplished knitters in Blogland mentioned it would be a great gift to an adventurous sock wearer. I have just that sort of person in mind, and she has exclaimed undying love for the colorway. It will be my pleasure to give them to her as a gift for Christmas. I would rather she had mentioned that to me two weeks ago when I stopped working on the wretched thing, and then I would have had purpose. Like all knitters, things for myself can wait - things that are a gift require knitting at breakneck speed!

Besides, encouragement like that from FKD is akin to a papal blessing on your knitting.

Off to the frog poncho!


Debi said...

Papal blessing, LOL!! Terri, I'm flattered but hardly the last word on knitting!'s what I think - life is WAY too short to knit stuff you hate so cut your losses, take the 2 unused skeins back (or make a more wearer/knitter friendly something with them) and knit only what you LOVE!I just thought it would be such a shame to waste what you've already knit but to borrow from Kenny Rogers, sometimes ya gotta know when to fold em! :)

lllinda said...

So now can you tell the sock recipient that she really isn't getting them after all? FKD said you don't have to and I'm with her.