Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sick of the socks...

I am diligently working on the pair of socks for DH. I selected a color that he would like to wear, not a color that I would like to knit with. What was I thinking? Duh! Of course, if they were a color I liked, they might be mine. Once again, duh! I am getting ready to travel (fly) with my knitting for the first time since the 911 issue.

I am not a racist, and I want to be safe while travelling just as much as the next guy, but all right already! The airline authorities should stop window dressing safety checks to protect their profits, and start addressing the real issue. To date, the vast majority of the people that have hijacked and crashed planes are of Arab descent. I am sorry that innocent Arabs would be offended, but thing of it like this...

If the blue M&Ms in the bag keep getting out and staining your carpet, are you going to harrass the yellow and red M&Ms for good measure just in case they get out of line? No, you would address your situation with the real problem, the blue M&Ms. So let's stop pussyfooting around the safety and travelling issues, and check the Arab passengers over, and then over and above that anyone who appears to be behaving in a suspicious manner. Not just randon seat numbers because the attackers on 911 weren't random. For God sakes!, we are at war, we know who we are at war with. Let's identify our problem and handle it decisively! Off the soap box, and onto the chores. If I wanted to really protest something, it would be housework that jacks with my knitting time!

Over and out, off to pack!

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