Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Moving, moving, moving. No time for my damn knitting, RAW HIDE!

Let's open up the flood gates of joy and start packing for the land of sand, scorpions, and sin! The temperature is also hotter than Hell, it is probably literally hotter than the temperature of Hell there. DH got the big promotion, and with it comes a transfer to Las Vegas, and ultimately to California. The parts of the family that know of the move aren't so crazy about it, the parts that don't are taking it pretty well - at least until they know too... So far, I have gotten bad looks, hissy fits, and even received a dutch rub! It is quite a thing when I am the best behaved person in the room! I have just noticed, too many exclamation points today. Well hell, it's just that kind of a day, and you guessed it, not a stitch of knitting has been done.

Grandma H's Grandpa W passed away yesterday, went to visit, took my knitting, but didn't really do any. Too much commotion. I did see a lovely sweater that my DM was working on, and nearly finished too, and all this time I thought she was such a fast knitter. Pee shaw!!! I looked at those unassembled pieces and realized she isn't really so fast, she is just narrow, and there just isn't that much to KNIT when you are so narrow! For all I know, that skinny woman may be slow - a slow knitter that is...

Signing off to knit a bit, over and out.

p.s. The socks are coming out okay. Sometimes I amaze myself...

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