Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Long Silence is Broken, the Knitting Hussy is Back!!!

It has been a month since my last post, and life has changed so very much with the move to Las Vegas, Nevada. I have tried to remain positive, and with that there are some things I am very positive about. I am positive I hate the desert! I am positive I hate most of the people who live in the desert! I am positive I hate the rules, rules, rules that Nevada has for everything! It is a wonder there isn't legislature for the tying of shoes! I also equally hate the traffic, the heat, the Sprint non-cell-type coverage/reception that they do, or rather don't have here. Back to being positive, I AM POSITIVE I hate all of those things! Change is hard for me, and maybe I hate them because they are different than what I know, or maybe I just truly hate them. Only time will help me bear this out. On the up side, if there actually is one, is that there is a nice knitting shop that is about 5.5-6 miles away, and some very nice people work there. They must not be from the desert... Of course I am still working on those bastard socks, and I am determined to finish them because generally I find almost as much joy in finishing a project as I do the knitting itself. I just chose such a BORING color to knit a PAIR of socks with on #2 needles. Next week, life may return to some degree of normalcy as I start transcribing for the service that works with SMMC. Knitting will again become a much loved hobby again instead of my sole companion... Looking forward to the love of knitting. Maybe I won't hate everything so much once I start working and have a little purpose again - who am I kidding, of course I will still hate everything, everything but knitting...

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