Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hot Off the Needles

These two little knitted creatures have been my constant companions for the past month or so. I have worked with the Debbie Bliss Toy Knits book, as well as admiring the work of Little Cotton Rabbits, and many other toy artists as well.

I have taken some individual elements from several designs, mixed them with some of my own ideas, and this is what I have come up with. In dressmakers' terms, this would be my muslin mock-up for the design.

Once I get good and find my own design niche, I may sell some on Etsy, assuming anyone would want one of these besides me...

And without further delay, I give you The Prairie Harze. No, this is not a misspelling, I know how to spell "hares", I just really wanted the name to be my own.

The boy bunny, on the right, is the oldest, and as you can see I have been experimenting with the size of the feet, the head, the length of the arms, the width of the ears, as well as clothing lengths and sizes. Their names are Hatti and Herschel.

What good little sister would not be willing to stand on top of her brother for a good photo op?

I know, the harze are not there yet, but they are coming along - I hope.

The end/s, and that's all folks...


Linda said...

Good job! They both look so cute, and I love their names!

jokir said...

Aaawww...Easter time might bring you a flood of orders.  They would also be good shower gifts.

Beth said...

I just can't get over how neat it is that you figured those out "in 3-D"...I'm so impressed, and they're soooo cute!!