Monday, October 09, 2006

Thank God I am a Better Knitter than Photographer...

I finished knitting the baby hat and sweater for my friend before surgery, but I didn't sew the buttons on until the weekend after. When selecting the buttons, I had to keep telling myself - THIS SWEATER AND HAT IS FOR A BOY, as my inclination is to get buttons that are too cutesy for boys... Long story short, I settled on simple, pearlized white, heart-shaped buttons that are gender neutral. The buttons on the hat are cute, but they really are to keep the slick yarn from unrolling and falling in the baby's eyes.

I am making progress on the BIG cardigan, and I am still cursing the pattern writer every time I get a chance...

The piece on the left is the sweater back, and the piece on the right is the left front. See, I told you I was a better knitter than photographer... This yarn is not as bright as the flash makes it seem. It is more of a brick red color, but you can see the slipped stitch design.

Today, I have my one week postop visit and get my 15 staples and one stitch out. Not to worry, there will be no posted pics of the incisions with staples. Thank you to all who expressed your kind concern before my surgery. I am on the mend.

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