Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Red Sleeve Boogy

Faster, faster! If there aren't sparks flying from my knitting needles I must not be working fast enough! I am knitting day and night to finish that beastly red sweater, and I am determined to conquer the monster that this pattern has become, and then I will move on to other projects that don't make me want to snatch out a handful of hair out (mine or other people's) every time I pick up the knitting needles. Did I mention that I am swearing off of Vermont Fiber Design patterns? Mention, hah!!! They (the patterns) look relatively user-friendly and pretty cute, but step away from the pattern - IT'S A TRICK!!! I believe the Devil himself wrote this pattern. I have heard an ugly rumor that the yarn I am working with, Plymouth Sunsette, has been discontinued. It does want to split a little bit, but it feels to soft and weightless. DMS, the person for whom the sweater is for, and the same person with sweater itchitis should enjoy wearing it. That is assuming it fits. The little heffer wouldn't sit still or agree to a fitting during the holidays, or really any other time. I am pretty sure it will fit either Barbie (i.e. Barbie the doll) or Rosie O'Donnell.

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